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Hawker Jets Are Powerful, Luxurious, and Have a Legacy of Innovation

Hawker jets are synonymous with luxury, power, reliability, and refined travel. Most don't realize that Hawker has been in existence since the early 1920's - and a lot has changed since those early Hawker Duiker models, which were produced in 1923. Even then, the engineers at Hawker saw fit to power the Duiker with a 9-cylinder radial engine of 389 horsepower. That engine gave the Duiker serious cruising and top speed, and set the tone for Hawker models going forward. Only 40 years later, the Hawker Kestrel was laying the ground work for the infamous vertical takeoff and landing jet, the Harrier. In fact, in the early 1960's the US Military and NASA had successfully completed vertical takeoff and landing flights using Hawker Kestrels.

What is Today's Modern Hawker Jet Used For?

Today's Hawker Jet is a vision of luxury, reliability, and efficiency. The 700 Series - Hawker's prolific model that debuted in the early 1980's, has a steadfast reputation among those in the aeronautical industry as a confidence inspiring, high performance, and luxurious choice for a personal or corporate jet. Trade-A-Plane has a vast selection of the 700 Series Hawker, in a variety of configurations, airframe hour ratings, and equipment packages. The 400 Series, in production for over 40 years, is a classic yet modern interpretation of the luxury corporate jet. With cruising speeds of over 500 miles per hour, the 400 Series is a terrific choice for the savvy traveler who knows that getting from Point A to Point B in a quick fashion is important - but that you have to always do it in comfort. Trade-A-Plane has a selection of 400 series Hawker Jets, spanning multiple decades of production to enable you to find the exact model that speaks to you.

Travel In Safe, Luxurious, and Efficient Hawker Jets

Today's business or personal traveler demands a few key characteristics in a jet. The first is safety, and all Hawker models have an array of sophisticated safety and communication equipment to make these opulent cruisers leaders in the industry. The second is comfort, and Hawker Jets is known for substantial investments in interior design, ergonomics, and overall aesthetics, which creates a serene and calming environment in the cabin. Lastly, performance and efficiency are critical. Hawker jets cruise faster, fly farther, and run more efficiently than many other makes of corporate jet. This saves time, money, and resources. No matter which Hawker Jet will provide the level of performance, comfort, and efficiency you are seeking, Trade-A-Plane has the model for you.