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At Gann Aviation, we understand that you don’t want surprises when it comes to your aircraft. Whether those surprises come in flight or while your plane is in the shop, they are unwelcome. That’s why we offer simple clear pricing for annual inspections and a price estimate prior to making any repairs.   By The Way, we Love Bonanzas! (and Barons and Debonairs and Travel Airs and ... ) Bring us your Beechcraft!
Our Maintenance Department is proud to offer our services to aircraft owners and operators based at Barwick-Lafayette Airport, as well as to those from the Surrounding region.

-1 hour of AD research (If more than 1 hour is needed it will be extra)
-Clean, gap, test, rotate spark plugs
-Pre and Post run up for systems check
-Compression check
-Servicing battery
-Oil and filter change (labor only)
-Air filter change (labor only)
-Lubrication and servicing of pulleys, hinges and bell cranks
-Cleaning, inspection and repacking of wheel bearings
-Landing gear extension/retraction test if required
-Mag to engine timing
-ELT test and inspection per FAR 91.207 (labor only)
-Inspection of aircraft in accordance with FAR part 43 appendix D 
-Removal and installation of inspection panels and interior as necessary for inspection
-Any discrepancies found during the inspection that require repair will be billed separate as an extra charge, at the current shop rate, plus parts. 
Any special inspections for continued airworthiness per an installed STC, FAA form 337, Airworthiness Directive, or other customizations will be charged per hour at normal shop rate.
All parts and labor required for repairs are not included in the flat rate and will also be at normal shop rates.