• For Sale
  • 1974
  • N47AC
  • 3200
  • Jackson (KJXN), MI USA

429000 $429,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1974
  • N47AC
  • 3200
  • Jackson (KJXN), MI USA

General Specs (cont.)


285 SMOH

285 SMOH

1060 SMOH

1060 SMOH

1510 lb





Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

N47AC is, without question, the nicest and most well maintained Shrike Aero Commander in the country.  It went through a complete ground up restoration by Commander Aero in 2008.  There is no known damage history.  It was recently repainted and the original EI CID interior that looks like it just rolled out of the factory.  Some of the upgrades include, Certified Known Ice, like new de-ice boots, 90 amp alternators (one new), Service Kit 144 (No recurring spar inspection required), Aero Commander Winglets, Aero Commander Aerodyne Flap Gap Seals, 16,500 BTU Cool Air Electric Air Conditioning, Exhaust Gas Deflectors, Split Nose Bowls, New Aspen EFD1000C3 Pro PFD, Built-In Oxygen System, GMX200 MFD display for the GWX-68 color radar, nose RECO lights, Prop Unfeathering pumps, Sky-tec high torque light weight starters, GAMI fuel nozzles, Garmin GNS 530W/430W Nav/Coms, JPI EDM 700 engine monitor, GTX 345 ADSB In/Out xpdr, GTX 330ES back up xpdr and more.  Paint-10, Interior-9.  Both Engines, Lycoming IO-540-E1B5, 285 SMOH.

Avionics / Equipment

Aspen EFD 1000C3 Pro PFD
GNS 530W Nav/Comm
GNS 430W Nav/Comm
GMA 340 Audio Panel with six place intercom
GTX 345 ADSB In/Out xpdr.
GTX 330ES xpdr.  (Back-up xpdr)
JPI EDM 700 Engine Monitor
GWX 68  10" color radar
GMX 200 MFD 
WX-1000 Stormscope
S-TEC System 65 Auto Pilot


6560 TT.  No known damage history.  Complete refurbishment in 2008.  New paint 2021.  De-Ice boots like new.  Nose RECO lights with Pulselight control.  Pilot entrance door. Aircraft  comes with cockpit, engine, prop and spinner covers, and engine cowl plugs.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Lycoming IO-540-E1B5  285 Hours SMOH Left and Right Engines.  

Last Annual Compressions:
L/H: 1) 78/80 2) 77/80 3) 78/80 4) 78/80 5) 78/80 6) 71/80 

R/H: 1) 77/80 2) 78/80 3) 78/80 4) 79/80 
5) 78/80 6) 78/80

Interior / Exterior

Like new El CID interior.  Four intercom and four oxygen ports for the rear passengers.  
Instrument panel has four USB charging ports.  Large luggage compartment.