1981 AEROSTAR 601B

  • For Sale
  • 1981
  • N6890L
  • 6108708162156
  • Murfreesboro, TN USA

269000 $269,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1981
  • N6890L
  • 6108708162156
  • Murfreesboro, TN USA

Murfreesboro Aviation

Blake Tumbleson

1936 Memorial Boulevard

Murfreesboro, TN 37129 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


1484 SMOH

1484 SMOH

209 SPOH

209 SPOH

1632 lb




Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

1981 Piper Aerostar 601B / MERLYN 700 CONVERSION, 3169TT, 1484/1484 SMOH, 209/209 SPOH, Brand new fabricated panel 7/2022, Avidyne IFD-550, Aspen EFD-1000 Max PFD w/BU Battery, Aspen EFD-1000 Max MFD w/BU Battery, ADS-B w/Weather and Traffic displayed on MFD/PFD, S-TEC 3100 Autopilot System, Emerging Life Technologies 406 MHz ELT, L3 Lynx NGT-9000D Transponder ADS-B In/Out, Known Ice, Original and complete logbooks since new, IFR Certification by XP Services July

Avionics / Equipment

AVIONICS: Some avionics may require activation and subscription fees.
Brand new fabricated panel 7/2022
RC Allen RCA 2600-2 Standby Digital Attitude Indicator
Avidyne IFD-550 (July 2022)
Avidyne IFD-540
Aspen EFD-1000 Max PFD w/BU Battery (July 2022)
Aspen EFD-1000 Max MFD w/BU Battery (July 2022) ADS-B w/Weather and Traffic displayed on MFD/PFD
S-TEC 3100 Autopilot System (July 2022)
Garmin GI-275 Glideslope
AMX240 Audio
Emerging Life Technologies 406 MHz ELT (July 2022) (ELT Remote Switch)
JPI EDM-790 Digital Engine Monitor
Shadin Digiflo-L Digital Fuel Flow
L3 Lynx NGT-9000D Transponder ADS-B In/Out
EI Inc Smart Hub Charger w/5 ports-panel mounted
Pegasus Compass
Alpha Systems Eagle AOA System

Known Ice
Useful Load: 1,632 lbs (weighed July 2022)
GW 6,029.0. EW 4,397.0
Original and complete logbooks since new
IFR Certification by XP Services July 2022
Annual Scheduled for Sept 2022
Annual by Aerostar World at Hobbs 3127.6
CorrosionX Treatment by Aerostar World (2018)
44 gallon (usable) Auxiliary Fuel
VG’s, Rudder seals, Stall Strips and Strakes
Engine Fire Detection
Prop Sync
Dual Appareo Stratus USB Ports
New Aux tank filler gasket and retaining ring (7/2022)
New Marsh Brothers Wiebel Nose Landing Gear Kit and Torque Ling Bushing Kit (STC SA03484NY)-July 2022
Integrated Oxygen
Whelen Parmetheus Landing Light
Gill Dry-Charged Lead-Acid Batteries
LED Tail Beacon Lights
Weldon Fuel Boost Pump Overhauled (2019)
Wing Fuel Tank Vent/Expansion Line Kit per SB 600-126
Option #144 Static Discharge Wicks
Option #241 Inconel Tailpipes
Option #244 Aux Fuel Tank w/SB#76-009 New Aux Fuel Transfer Pump
Option #245 Heavy Duty Brakes
Option #250 VG’s
Option #251 Fireproof Hoses
Option #252 Crankcase Oil Breather
SB #600-134A Main Landing Gear Side Braces


3,169.1 hours total time since new (Hobbs 3161.7 as of 7/18/22)

Engines / Mods / Prop

Lycoming TIO-540-AA1A5 (350 hp each) / 1800 hour TBO / Turbo-GAMI Injectors.

1,484.1 hours SMOH.
OH 3/93 by Textron Lycoming (Montoursville, PA)
220.0 hours STOP OH (2016)
(most recent compressions  76/76/77/76/76/74)-“clean” oil analysis

1,484.1 hours SMOH.
OH 3/97 by Textron Lycoming (Montoursville, PA)
220.0 hours STOP OH (2016)
(most recent compressions 77/75/76/78/78/74)-“clean” oil analysis

EXTENSIVE Annual Ongoing (to be Completed March 2023):
All new hoses – Both engines
All new main gear actuator hoses
Replaced vacuum pump
Brand new turbo-charger mounting brackets
New intake and exhaust gaskets on engines
New right engine intake, exhaust, and valve cover gaskets
Resealed flap control valve
Resealed nose gear steering actuator
Resealed landing gear control valve
New nose gear lower bearing
New RH Main gear scissor bushings
Gear struts serviced
Completed heater decay test-no defects noted
New brake pads
New fuel cap O-Rings
New hydraulic filter
Replaced wastegate rod ends
Left engine 76/76/77/76/76/74
Right engine 77/75/76/78/78/74


Serial Number Right: L-20881-48AC
209.7 hours since propeller overhaul-RIGHT (OH Dec 2015 by Sensenich)

Serial Number Left: L-20312-48AC
209.7 hours since propeller overhaul-LEFT (OH Dec 2015 by Sensenich)

Interior / Exterior

Tan leather with coordinating carpet, side panels, and headliner.

Top-Moon Dust, Bottom, Tan, Trim Shahara Tan, Mustard, and Orange (May ’89 by Cimarron)


SA4156NM Merlyn Products Samurai 350 Conversion (Aug 1994 Conversion)
SA4976NM Machen Tailpipe Assemblies
SA4009NM Merlyn Products Induction Air Intercooler System
SA2143NM Machen Vortex Generators, Fairings, Rudder Seals Stall Strips and Strakes
SA2612NM Machen Fire Resistant Fuel and Oil Lines
SA00343BO Avidyne IFD550
SA09764DS S-TEC 3100 DFCS
SA10822SC Aspen EFD1000 EFIS
SA01695SE Garmin Antenna
SA03484NY Wiebel Nose Landing Gear Kit
SE09445SC TurboGAMI Injector Kit
SA4777NM Machen Inc Oil Breather Separator System
SA1608NM Machen Auxiliary Fuel Tank System
SA1720GL Wastegate Actuator Filter Kit
SA4790NM Cleveland Brakes Kit
SA611GL Shadin Fuel Flow Meter
SA5467NM G&D Aero Tinted Thermal Pane Window Inserts

Specifications and/or descriptions are provided as introductory information. They do not constitute representations or warranties of Murfreesboro Aviation. Accordingly; you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft. The offer for sale of this aircraft is subject to contract and the aircraft may at any time be withdrawn from the market without prior notice.

Specification is subject to verification by the purchaser.