AEROSTAR Multi Engine Piston Aircraft For Sale

Multi Engine Piston Aerostar Aircraft Information

Designed by Ted R. Smith, the Piper Aerostar is an American twin engine, propeller driven, executive or light transport aircraft. The aircraft was originally built by the Ted Smith Aircraft Company which became part of Piper Aircraft Corporation after 1978.

The aircraft was a mid-wing, cantilever monoplane powered by two wing-mounted Avco Lycoming piston engines. The 600 has tricycle landing gear. It was also fitted with luxury accommodation for six. The Aerostar 601 was a version with a turbocharged engine.

The Aerostar 700 Superstar was a stretched variant. The empty weight is 4275 lb (1939 kg) and the gross weight is 6315 lb (2864 kg). The cruise speed is 242 mph (390 km/h) and the maximum speed is 306 mph (492 km/h).

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