• For Sale
  • 1962
  • N554D
  • TD 507
  • Lansing, MI USA

98600 $98,600 USD

John L. Wagner

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  • For Sale
  • 1962
  • N554D
  • TD 507
  • Lansing, MI USA

John L. Wagner

John L.

General Specs (cont.)


1251 SMOH

1251 SMOH

1259 lb




Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

We recovered and returned to service this Travel Air from five years of "pickled storage." The Travel Air is a delightful airplane to own and pleasant to fly with twin-engine reliability at a modest operational expense.
   Extensive (and expensive) airframe, engine maintenance & upgrading has been completed. This leaves a new owner the opportunity to select from the vast array of available avionics and autopilots that might better meet their personal requirements. 
   A solid Beech product with the center section of a Twin Bonanza-rugged! Offering reliable service for a new twin-engine owner. It completed an extensive annual inspection by a reputable FAA Approved shop, (they operate a B95A in ME training), returning it to a condition of yesteryear. A prospective buyer may request an electronic copy of the six-page work order. 
   View more on our website: http://www.wagmatenterprises.wixsite.com/aircraft

Avionics / Equipment

Collins "Micro-Line"
• Com #1, Collins VHF 251 TSO'd 
• Com #2, Collins VHF 250 TSO'd 
• RNAV Collins ANS 351
• Nav #1 Collins VIR 351 
• Nav #2 Collins VIR 350 
• Collins 650 ADF TSO'd
• King KT-76A Transponder
• King KN 64 DME
• Collins audio/marker selector panel
• uAvioni Tailcone ADS-B out
• ELT, ACK 406/121.5 MHz E-04 ELT 
   FAA/TSO'd kit & antenna, new 
• Brittain B-4 Autopilot W/ altitude hold 
   (presently inoperative).
• Lemo headset connections (hot-wired 
   from the aircraft power source), pilot 
   & co-pilot. 
• Four place intercom system.


• Never damaged.
• Hartzell Plane-Power TAL24-70, 70 amp alternator conversion kit (2) replacing generators, 1/2020. 
• Concorde RG-25XC Platinum series, 24 Volt sealed lead-acid batteries, new 1/2020.
• 112 gallons fuel: Main 2-25 gallons, Aux 2-31 gallons. Right main fuel cell new replaced 1/2020, new left main replaced 11/2018. New right auxiliary installed 10/2021.
• New reskinned rudder, airframe corrosion proofed throughout, 1/2020.
• Air intake filters, new 1/2020. 
• Propeller alcohol anti-icing (three gallons).
• Manual cowl flaps (no motor to burn out & overhaul).
• Fuel selectors, (two) rebuilt, installed 10/2020.
• Curtis fuel cell quick drains (all new) installed throughout, 10/2020.
• Nose wheel landing light, new nose wheel & landing light bulbs.
• External power receptacle. 
• Oil pan heaters & quick drains.
• External power plug.
• Single yoke W/ push-to-talk switch.
• Logbooks & manuals extensive & complete. 
• Most al

Engines / Mods / Prop

Right engine: 1251.6 SMOH, Lycoming IO-360-B1B, SN: RL-191-51.
Left engine:   1251.6 SMOH, Lycoming IO-360-B1B, SN: L-223-51.
Factory remanufactured engines overhauled by Schneck Engine Service, San Antonio, TX with chrome cylinders, converted from Simmons to a Bendix fuel injection system (significant)! Engine time & all cylinders compression tested to 76+/80 as of 3/02/2020, TBO 2,000 Hrs. Prop compliance AD, time remaining, Left 683.1, Right 674.8

Interior / Exterior

Repainted with DuPont Poly Urethane in 1978.  Always hangared and the condition is 8/10.
   Interior is 7/10 and very acceptable for personal use.


Annual inspection now in progress. 
Gross Wt. 4,200# / Empty Wt. 2941.0#, Useful load 1,259#