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  • For Lease
  • 1974
  • N130PC
  • 417
  • Two Rivers, AK USA

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General Specs (cont.)


1732 HOURS






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Detailed Description

For Lease US Or Canada: 1974 Britten Norman BN-2A-21. With or W/O Tip Tanks For US. 10,531TT. Full Panel. IFR. No Damage History.

Avionics / Equipment

Full Panel: Yes
Panel Condition: Average
IFR Equipped: Yes
The panel has the basic instrument six-pack set up, engine instruments are located on
the far left of the pilot’s panel. the manifold and fuel flow gauges are in the center stack.
A backup electric attitude indicator is also located in the center stack. There is an
additional airspeed and altitude indicator on the right side of the panel. Overhead there
is the standard panel controlling the starter, magnetos, and switches to regulate fuel
transfer. An Artex ME-406 Emergency Locator is installed with a remote activation
switch on the panel. The center stack contains most of the radios, with the transponder
being on the copilot side at the top of the panel. The DME is located at the left lower
part of the pilot panel.

ADF! ! ! Bendix/King/allied signal! ! KR-87!! ! 1
DME! ! ! Bendix/King/allied signal! ! KN-64!! ! 1
GPS! ! ! Bendix/King/allied signal! ! KLN-89B! ! 1
NAV-COM! ! Bendix/King/allied signal! ! KX 170B! ! 1
NAV-COM! ! Bendix/King/allied signal! ! KX 175B! ! 1
Transponder !! TRIG! ! ! ! ! TT 31! ! ! 1
VOR/LOC/GS! Bendix/King/allied signal! ! KI 208-A! ! 1
VOR/LOC/GS! Bendix/King/allied signal! ! KI 209-A! ! 1
Altimeter Encoding! Trans Cal! ! ! ! SSD-120! ! 1
Spidertrax ! ! Aircraft tracking system! ! ! ! ! 1
Long Range Fuel! 139 Gallons


Aircraft total Time: 10,531.9
Hobbs: 3,755.5

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine Manufacturer: Lycoming Model: IO-540-K1B5
Engine Type: Piston Engine Serial Number: TBD
#1 engine:! 1,732.8 TBO: 2,000.0 Hrs., Remaining: 2,000.0
Date of Overhaul: exchange with AirpowerInc

Engine Manufacturer: Lycoming Model: IO-540-K1B5
Engine Type: Piston Engine Serial Number: RL-XXXXXXX
#2 Engine: 0.0 TBO: 2,000 Hrs., Remaining: 156.00

# 1 propeller: Hartzell Model HC_C2YK-2CUF
Total Time: 561.7 Serial Number: AU12735B
Date of Overhaul: will be fresh overhaul
#2 Propeller: Hartzell Model HC_C2YK-2CUF
Total Time: 0.0 Serial Number: AU12557B
Reman at install Date of Overhaul: will be fresh overhaul

Interior / Exterior

paint reasonable, touch-up repaint of the fuselage, tail surfaces and nacelles
Interior Condition: Very good, replaced sidewalls 2012, recovered seats 2012
The cabin is in very good shape, mechanically sound condition. The grey plastic side
panels are not cracked or broken with few scuff marks. The headliner is clean, with few
marks, but no major defects exist which would detract from value. The floor is protected
with diamond plate rubber matting. A cargo net and “D” rings are mounted in several
positions on the floor as well as sidewalls and ceiling to provide for cargo tie-down. the
seats are covered in a heavy duty grey leather. the covering is in good condition, with
slight signs of use but no damage or major blemishes. All seat belts appear to have
been replaced recently. Headsets are included for each seat position.


For US can be with tip tanks or removed
to meet stats of BN-2A-20

Airframe Modifications
Date of Modification: 12-31-2008
Modification:! ! Brackett Air Filter STC SA693GL
Date of Modification: 12-31-2008
Modification:! ! Whelen Engineering Anti-Collision Strob Lights STC SA615EA
Date of Modification: 4-07-2006
Modification:! ! National Aircraft Interiors Seatbelt Replacements STC 5/21E/29
Date of Modification: 9-20-2004
Modification:! ! Aeroplastics & Structures MKI Cabin Interior Panels STC
! ! ! ASA074SY
Date of Modification: 2-13-2010
Modification:! ! AValaska Hour meter Airspeed Switch STC SA02168AK
Damage History
Log books not original
No Damage History noted in the Aircraft Logbooks, No major structure repair or scab
patches noted on the aircraft.
An overview of the aircraft and logbooks conducted in Kenai by myself and 2
maintenance personnel conducted over a 3 day inspection period found no defects
other than the landing gear being beyond the 6 year life conducting a full inspection to
that of an Annual and full corrosion inspection of the aircraft frame. Paint and interior
are better than to be expected for an aircraft in Alaska’s FAR 135 environment and
looks as it’s been regularly hangared.
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