1968 CESSNA 320F

  • For Sale
  • 1968
  • CESSNA 320F
  • N6195Q
  • C320F-0045
  • Livermore, CA USA

189000 $189,000 USD

Christopher Aust

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  • For Sale
  • 1968
  • CESSNA 320F
  • N6195Q
  • C320F-0045
  • Livermore, CA USA

Christopher Aust


General Specs (cont.)


750 SFRM

120 SMOH

836 SPOH

254 SPOH

1853 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

N6195Q is a 1968 C320 F - the last and most coveted of the 320's.  There were only 45 F Models made and this is the very last C320 to ever roll off the line (SN C320-0045).  It has been exceptionally well cared for and maintained with no expense spared, resulting in one of the best equipped and nicest 310/320's flying today.  Low time engines.  Very well equipped and everything works... no squawks.  It has a beautiful new panel with state of the art Garmin avionics and UMA backlighting on all gauges & instruments.  The fully-coupled S-Tec 55x autopilot (with vertical speed and altitude pre-select) makes departure, enroute and decent phases effortless.  THE GPSS makes executing any instrument approach a joy - and is especially comforting when the weather is down.   It has de-ice protection including beautiful shiny boots with no patches and prop heat that all work flawlessly.  The VG's give increased stall safety margin and increase the MTOW to 5,579, allowing for a useful load of 1,853 lbs.   Removing seats 5 & 6 yields a useful load of 1,885 lbs.  Dual nacelle aux tanks give it 177 gallons of fuel for a range of over six hours (+/- 1,200 nautical miles) with no reserve!  On long trips, I normally fly at 17,000' to FL210, 65% power, at +/- 200 KTAS, burning 24-26 GPH total at cruise.

It's a heavy hauler, it's fast, and always turns heads on the ramp.  Annual due 2/1/2024.

Here's a couple YouTube Videos:  

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GTN 750xi GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD #1 
KX 165 NAV/COMM #2 (overhauled, new display in 2023)
PSE PMA 450b Audio Panel
6-Place intercom (six places with standard jacks and front four with LEMO plugs, as well)
Garmin GI 275 Attitude Indicator w/ Syn Vis
Garmin GI 275 HSI/MFD, backup AI
Garmin GTX 345 Remote Transponder (ADSB In-Out) (Current Pitot/Static) IFR Current
Flight Stream 510
S-Tec 55x AP with VS and Altitude Pre-Select and Annunciator - fully coupled for all phases of flight
JPI EDM 790 Digital Engine Monitor
Electronics International Digital OAT Gauge
Davtron M877 Chronometer
GA35 WAAS Antenna


Excellent condition.  Always hangared and extremely well maintained.  Landing gear side brace kit installed!  Shiny paint (8/10).  Nice grey leather interior (7/10).  Clear glass all around.  NDH.  No hail.  Complete Logbooks (original plus digital) since new.   Landing gear completely re-rigged according to POH specs and TAS Rig-it-Right manual and video in Jan 2023.  New Airtex ELT 345.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Left Engine: TSIO-520-B
Serial #: 176781-R
HP: 285 HP
Manufacturer: Continental 
Hours Since Overhaul: 750 SFRM (120 hrs. since complete TOH by Pacific Continental Engines in Simi Valley)
Date of Top Overhaul: Sept 2021
Overhaul Shop: Pacific Continental Engines, Simi Valley, CA
7-Stud Heavy Case + VAR Heavy Crankshaft

Right Engine: TSIO-520-B
Engine Serial #: 176570-R
Engine HP: 285 HP
Engine Manufacturer: Continental 
Engine Hours Since Overhaul:  120 SMOH
Date of Overhaul: Sept 2021
Overhaul Shop: Pacific Continental Engines, Simi Valley, CA
7-Stud Heavy Case + VAR Heavy Crankshaft

Left Prop
Manufacturer: McCauley Three Blade
Model: 3AF 32C 504-C
Serial: 960848
Hours Since Overhaul: 836 SMOH

Right Prop
Manufacturer: McCauley Three-Blade
Model: 3AF 32C 504-C
Serial: 960680
Hours Since Overhaul: 254 SMOH

Interior / Exterior

Exterior Condition: (8/10) Primarily White with Blue and Silver striping 

Interior Condition: (8/10) Grey leather interior. No rips or tears in the seats. Grey carpet.


Tail Number: N6195Q	
Year: 1968
Make/Model: Cessna 320F Skyknight 
Serial #: 320F-0045
Flight Rules: IFR
Aircraft Total Time: 5,134
Next Annual Date: 2/1/2024
Useful Load: 1,885 lbs
Useable Fuel: 177 Gallons 
Logbooks: Complete Since New (original books plus digital pdf)
Original purchase documents

Additional Equipment & Modifications:
MLG Side Brace Kit Installed
Complete New Knisely exhaust system, with overhauled turbos & wastegates (R&L) Dec 2021 (next due 2032)
Overhauled Mags + Alternator (Left Engine) Jan 2023
Overhauled Starter Motor + Adaptor (Left Engine) Mar 2023
New Engine Baffling (R&L) 2022
New Oil Temp Sensors 2020
Tanis Engine & Oil Heaters Both Engines
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
Full De-ice boots in excellent condition
Elec Prop De-ice in excellent condition
Dual Heated Pitot Tubes (Pilot/Co-Pilot)
Prop Sync
Auto Prop Unfeathering
New High Quality T3 Aluminum Instrument Panel
6-Place Oxygen System
Vortex Generator Kit
LED Landing & Taxi Lights
Increased MTOW
Left Engine Nacelle Battery Minder Connection
Cowl Plugs & Pitot Covers
Bruce's Custom Cover
Garmin USB Power in Panel (pilot & co-pilot)
Yoke Mounted Electric Trim
All AD's complied with list up to date

POH Flight Specs:  
Climb Rate: 1,924 fpm
SE Climb Rate 475 fpm
Service Ceiling: 29,000
SE Service Ceiling: 18,800
Critical Altitude (wastegates closed): 16,000'
Takeoff Dist (over 50' obst): 1,513'
Landing Dist (over 50' obst): 1,734'
Cruise: 15,000' / 75% power / 213 KTAS / 30.2 GPH / 6 hrs (1,270 NM) Range

I tend to fly long flights at 17,000' to FL 210 / 60% power / 195 KTAS / 24-26 GPH

I have found all repair parts to be readily available when needed.

This is an amazing airplane.  Among the legacy piston twins, this is the Ferrari.  The turbo charged engines take my family in and out of high airports and over most weather without a second thought.  My mission has changed and I no longer need this incredible, family carrying, business traveling, high flying, economical time machine!  Sad to see her go, but she's going to make somebody else VERY happy.

Low Time Engines, Long Rang Fuel, De-Ice Equipment, Spacious, Great Interior, Great Exterior, Extremely Clean, Turn-Key, Powerful Avionics, No Damage, Complete & Organized Log Books, Original Purchase Documents, Absolute Machine, Excellent Condition, Exemplary Maintenance.

Here is a nice writeup on the C320 from Aviation Consumer: