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    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 2013
    • N679SA
    • 42-N117
    • Phillipsburg, OH USA


    749900 $749,900 USD

    Steel Aviation, Inc.
    • (937) 216-7586
    • (336) 414-3668
    • Fax: (888) 484-5011
    • Jamie Steel- Potter

      Phillipsburg Airport 3I7

      53 North Street Ext

      Phillipsburg, OH 45354 USA

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    749900 $749,900 USD

    General Specs (cont.)




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Excellent opportunity to own a preowned Diamond VI. These are not available often. Excellent options. Call us to learn more. Location Ohio/Canada.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Avidyne TAS 600 Active Traffic System
    Dual Garmin GIA 63W with Integrated radio modules with WAAS-enabled IFR-approved GPS; VHF navigation with ILS; and VHF communication with 16-watt transceivers
    Garmin 4 Place Built in Intercom
    Garmin FliteCharts (subscription required)
    Garmin GDU1040, 10 Inch Multi Function Display (MFD), Moving map, Terrain, Traffic, Obstructions, EFIS, Flight Planning, Airport Data, GPS Satellite Data, Multi-Function Menus
    Garmin GDU1040, 10 Inch Primary Flight Display (PFD), Wide Horizon, Three-Axis Flight Dynamics, Air Speed, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) with 350-Degree and Arc Modes
    Garmin GEA 71 Airframe/Engine Interface Unit
    Garmin GFC-700 Automatic Flight Control System Including Yaw Damper
    Garmin GTX33 Intregrated Mode S Transponder with Traffic Info
    GIA63 Integrated radio modules with IFR approved GPS; VHF navigation with ILS; and VHF communication with 16-watt transceivers
    GMA 1347 digital Audio Controller with Digtal ATC Playback
    Composite Cabin and Safety Seats (up to 26G)
    FAILSAFE Airframe and Wing Design
    Lighting Protection System
    3 Point Safety Belts Automatic (all seats)
    Gear Warning Horn Muting System
    Ergonomic Seats and Backrests
    Instrument Lighting
    Overhead Cabin Lights
    Hydraulic Retractable Landing Gear
    Heated Pitot Tube
    White Entry Steps and Entry Grips
    Electrically Operated Flap System
    Landing and Taxi Lights
    Position and Strobe Lights
    76.4 US Gal Extended Range Fuel Tank
    Nose Baggage Compartment accessible from Both Sides
    Pitot Cover, Control Lock, Tow Bar, Tool Kit, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Axe
    Premium Leather Interior
    Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology SVT
    Air Conditioning
    TKS De-Icing System
    Oxygen System
    Electric Pedals
    Garmin GDL69A Datalink/Satellite WX And Radio
    Avidyne TAS 605
    AMSafe Airbag Safety Restraints


    Airframe Total Times: 719

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Left Engine Time: 719
    Right Engine Time: 719
    Left Prop Time: 719
    Right Prop Time: 719

    Interior / Exterior

    Gorgeous aircraft all over white with accents
    Interior is gray leather


    We are in Dayton, Ohio  Concord, North Carolina and San Diego, California.
    Jaime Steel Potter Cell Phone (937) 216-7586 
    Mark Wages Cell Phone (336) 414-3668
    Derek Head Cell Phone (218) 838-1554
    IFR Cert 1/2019.
    Annual Due date 1/2019.
    Location Ohio/Canada.