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The program summary is below: how it works, who is eligible and aircraft details. 

The DiamondShare Program 
Aircraft Ownership that "Makes the Dollars Make Sense. Most pilots dream of buying their own aircraft so they can enjoy the freedom of flight and opportunity to go places in an airplane...their airplane. They dream of a different lifestyle and a means beyond the usual bounds - one with life changing potential and ability to conduct personal and business life at a new level.

The challenge - justifying the cost of modern aircraft with their amazing technology and value with rising ownership costs 

The solution - the NEW DiamondShare Program

How it works
The DiamondShare Program is simple and is made up of Owners and Members. Owners purchase the aircraft and the DiamondShare team sets up the structure, program benefits and obtain 1 to 3 members to share the aircraft with fixed payments. The number of members, location of the airplane and other variables are determined by the owner. Members commit to a fixed "Dry Lease" access model for one year with a number of hours. Members typically pay a base member rate plus a location surcharge depending on tie down or hangar cost arrangements. Each user pays for his own fuel and there are no other hourly rates or charges...similar to a car lease.

Who is Eligible?
DiamondShare was inspired and created to provide all pilots an affordable, economically justifiable option to have ownership or access to an amazing new modern aircraft so they can achieve their dreams and goals. Our Secret is Sharing. This is NOT fractional ownership. The program dramatically reduces your total cost of ownership while enhancing your overall aircraft ownership experience. Utilization, fixed costs, insurance, storage and avionics subscriptions are all factored in. Also, if you own a business and plan to use your aircraft for some level of business flying, you will be simply amazed at current tax advantages available to help you purchase your aircraft. Owners often experience "Cash Flow Positive Purchases". Explore the full details at the DiamondShare website or contact 406-FLY1-NOW. Interested parties should register on the website to receive information via email including notices of opportunities in their area. 

Next Steps
The first step in considering the DiamondShare Program is to learn about the benefits attributed to Owners and Members and then with proper consideration of your particular circumstances, determine which fits best for you. If you are considering aircraft ownership, you will not find a more attractive or compelling set of economics for ownership. Step out of the limitations of renting and learn about the unique advantages this program provides! Full advantages are listed on the DiamondShare website or you can call us directly at 406-FLY1-NOW and we will help you evaluate the full array of options to see if this program is for you.

We encourage you to review the information on our DiamondShare site and register to let us know you are potentially interested so we can invite you to the next pilot briefing in your area and keep you informed of latest program developments.

Lifestyle Aviation is the business of helping people acquire modern aircraft in the most economical. We help many clients obtain and enjoy an "Aviation LifeStyle" through modern personal aircraft. LifeStyle offers an approach for acquiring or accessing modern aircraft that is different. LifeStyle Aviation sells a wide range of quality, modern aircraft from Diamond, Piper, Mooney, Cessna, Cirrus and more via its listing site LifeStyle Aircraft. In addition, LifeStyle Aviation is a leading Diamond Regional Distribution Center (DRDC) offering a full range of new and used Diamond Aircraft including entry level DA20 and DA40's and high performance Jet-fuel burning 4-place single alternative DA42-V

Avionics / Equipment

2x Garmin GDU 10 inch Flight Display (Primary Flight Display and Multi-Function Flight Display)
GEA71 Airframe/Engine Interface Unit
Dual Garmin GIA 63W COM/NAV/GPS - WAAS Enabled
GMA1347 Digital Audio System with last transmission recorder
GTX33 Mode S Transponder - Uplinked Traffic System (TIS) ADS-B Out
ELT 406
Standby Instruments (Compass, Attitude Indicator, Air Speed Indicator kts, Altitude Indicator ft)

76.4 US gal Long Range Fuel Tank
Nose Baggage Compartment accessible from both sides
Pitot Cover
Rudder Lock
Tow Bar
Tool Kit
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Emergency Axe

WX Stormscope
Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology
Avidyne TAS 605 Traffic Advisory System
Garmin GWX70 Weather Radar
Garmin GSR 56 Iridium Satellite Datalink (subscription required)
Honeywell KN63 DME, remote mounted
Becker 3500 ADF, remote mounted
Garmin XTX 345R Mode-S Transponder
Garmin GDL 69 SAT WX (subscription required)
Jeppesen ChartView Approach Plates (subscription required)
2nd digital stand-by altitude module CMD-302 SAM
Air Conditioning / RACC System (powered by an additional alternator)
TKS De-Ice
Oxygen System
Removable Right Hand Control Stick
Premium Leather Interior
Built-in Tablet Mount Provisions (pilot and co-pilot armrests)
Electrically Operated Adjustable Rudder Pedals for Pilot and Co-Pilot
Double Bubble Canopy
AMSAFE Inflatable belts (4 seats)
AMSAFE Inflatable belts (2 seats)
Removable Sheepskin Seat Cushions (Front Seats Only)
Canopy and Nose Cover (Grey)
Engine Cover Set (1 Pair, Grey)
Diamond Deluxe Paint
Canopy and Nose Cover (grey)
Engine Cover set (1 pair grey)
Custom Exterior Striping: Individually quoted


Composite Cabin and Safety Seats (up to 26g)
"FAILSAFE" Airframe and Wing Design
Lightning Protection System
3-point Safety Belts Automatic (all seats)
Garmin ESP (Electronic Stability Protection)
Gear Warning Horn Muting System
Stick Limiter

Engines / Mods / Prop

2x Austro Engine AE 300 Turbocharged Common-rail Injected 2.0 Leter Diesel Engine with 168 HP and EECU Single Level Control System, using JET-A or JET-A1 fuel

2x MT propeller MTV-6-R-C/CF 190-69
3-blade Constant Speed Full Featuring Propellers

Interior / Exterior

Ergonomic seats and backrests, fabric inlays, carbon an transmission tunnel
Sun glare shields and Canopy Lining
28 V Power Supply Socket
Instrument Lighting
Overhead Cabin Light 

Hydraulic Retractable Landing Gear
Heated Pitot Tube
High-gloss Multi Layer Paint
Variety of Exterior Striping Options
White Spinner, Black Air intake Rings, White Entry Steps and Entry Grips
Electrically Operated Flap System
Landing and Taxi Lights (Xenon)
LED Position and Strobe Lights



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