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500000 $500,000 USD
6 place Twin Pressurized

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  • For Sale
  • 2022
  • New Registratio
  • 004
  • Sandersville, GA USA

Veloce Planes

Jamie Fettig

General Specs (cont.)





1600 lb






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Detailed Description

6 place pressurized twin
270 KTAS @ 25,000 ft @ 22 GPH AV/MOV/Bio @ $500,000 - Piston
310 KTAS @ 25,000 ft @ 30 GPH AV/MOV/Bio @ $700,000 (340 KTAS @ 50 GPH) - Piston
350 KTAS @ 35,000 Ft - Turboprop - 325 KTAS @ 25,000 ft @ 48 GPH JETA @ $950,000 - Turboprop

AC, Garmin G3x dual glass panel, 2 comms, 1 comm head, IFR GNX 375, auto pilot and auto pilot head, custom paint job of your choice 1 color 2 accent, custom interior 1 color leather of your choice, and more. 

Basically a cirrus jet - for $500k instead of 2.5M (but 4 inches smaller on the inside)

And not something in theory, or maybe one day type plane from a new company. 
But a company already in production with a flying 4 seat plane with over 100 of lineage planes flying. 2 seat plane, months from flying. And now building the 6 place plane - 9 months from flying. 

Already 107+ of the 4 place lineage planes flying from this company- with 7 of the generation 3 model flying in brazil. 
First 6 place twin @ 270 KTS will hopefully be at OshKosh (or few months thereafter if not)  

Introducing for the first time ever -  anything like it at all for the price to speed . . .

Veloce 600 - twin 6 place pressurized 520 HP plane. (or 720 Hp or 800 HP turbine total)

How would you like it completely built for you - for $500k - ready to fly - you register it? (experimental)
We have a factory build program near Atlanta Georgia or North Dakota
Or take a trip to brazil, and see the factory direct there. 

But like so many other people who have said they are building a plane with X specs - they don't complete the project or they miss the specs  - or worse, both.  This won't be us. Why?

How are we different? Why do you know you will be able to buy a plane? Because we already have 2 completed other models of planes. A 4 and 2 seat.  And we did them in 14 and 12 months respectively. And we have already started on the 6 seat pressurized model. 

We already have the engines from a company who has made and sold over 300 aircraft engine and 75+ engines for airboats over the last 13 years. Aeromomentum.com - with the back up engine already flying also. 

The Build center is near Atlanta Georgia, ND or Brazil - your choice. The company doing the building in the USA has a build history of dozens and dozens of completed aircraft. Aviationcomposites.net

The composite kit parts are made in Brazil. From a guy who used to work for Embraer, Volato is the company. 

The designers have designed and built over 100 planes that are flying. Richard Trickle and Mark Kettering - Pulsar 150 and KIS TR4. Between the two of them - over 6 planes they have built and flying. 

Details of Deposits and availability on website

Completed, it will have numbers like a cirrus jet, but only burn 22 GPH total,  and be IFR with glass panel doing 300+ knots in pressurized comfort. With only 6
4 inches less in the cabin width and height than cirrus jet. Still 6 more inches in width and 4 more in height than a cirrus plane. 

List of what is all included in the $500k version
2 aeromomentum.com engines - flat rated 260HP - (or other engine of your choice but will increase cost or decrease speed)
Garmin Suite of G3X experimental Avionics - $25k list price for:
Garmin GNX 375 for IFR and Navigator with ADB-S in and out. 
Auto pilot and auto pilot head - auto level and ESP for over/underspeed and back to airport button (to 200 ft - you have to flair - but even at 500 ft a minute decent - still survivable landing)
Engine Indication interface. 
Three - 10.7 Inch displays for two AHRS back up. 
2 radios - one actual radio head, one remote through 2nd touch screen as back up
One color leather interior
landing gear
IVO Props
1 base color 2 accent color paint scheme (like cirrus jet) more is extra

Two Adept 360 HP gas engines for 310 KTS at 25,000 ft = $200k more plus full carbon fiber plane
Two 400 HP Turboprop engines for 350 KTAS at 35,000 ft = $450k more plus reinforced spar, wing and key points. 

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GNX 375
Dual Screen AHRS Garmin G3x Touch screen
Garmin autopilot with EPS and glide/fly to nearest airport
2 radios
adbs in/out/weather



Engines / Mods / Prop

2 Aeromomentum 260 HP engines
Or any 2 engines of your choice - price will go up over $500k by the amount of your engine choice minus $20k times 2. 
IVO props 
or any prop of your choice- price will go up by amount of your prop cost minus $6k times 2

Interior / Exterior