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Experimental/Homebuilt Aircraft

The iMFD 850 is a state-of-the-art connected cockpit system and it is engineered with two Smart USB chargers which provide fast and efficient charging to all your portable electronics.

The unit is installed in your panel and communicates with your GPS and engine monitor via the RS232 data bus. Bluetooth technology provides multiple data feeds from the iMFD 850 to as many as three iPads or iPhones (The iMFD Connect App can be found in the App Store).

Pilot(s) and passenger(s) can view real time GPS, Engine, and instrument data simultaneously on their engine date imageiPad(s) and iPhone(s). At the same time, you can use your handheld device to access additional WiFi and Bluetooth products in the aircraft.

The iMFD 850 combined with our iMFD Connect App will automatically record engine and flight data onto your iPad or iPhone. After your flight, the flight data can be automatically uploaded to a secure cloudflight path image through a WiFi connection. The secure cloud stores all your engine data, take-off(s), landing(s), and flight time. The data can be viewed and analyzed later on an iPad or computer in the comfort of your home or shared with your aviation technician.

A built-in carbon monoxide detector will monitor CO levels in the cockpit environment.

In addition to all the great features above the iMFD 850 can stream real-time GPS data to many of the popular EFB applications on the market such as WingX Pro7,Garmin Pilot,ForeFlight, eKneeboard, etc.

In order to fully utilize all the features of the iMFD 850 a GPS and or engine monitor is required. We recommend that you verify with support that your GPS system and engine monitor will integrate with the iMFD 850.

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