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James Torseth

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  • For Sale
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  • Chetek, WI USA

James Torseth


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I have lost my medical and have quit flying therefore I have:

 FOR SALE - a very nice condition with very low hours Redbird FMX/cl full-motion flight simulator.  Sim is fully operational and ready to go.

This SIM is classified as an FAA approved AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) and can be used towards VFR and IFR flight training and required periodic IFR currency.

This is the FMX/cl (control loading) model listed on Redbird's website for $73,295. The additional PA 34 Seneca configuration panel and twin quadrant sells for about $6200. If you buy a new FMX/cl Redbird will charge you approximately another $8000 for shipping and installation.  So that's about $87,495 total sales tax if you buy new. If you buy mine you can dismantle, ship and re-install yourself for much less money than new and skip the sales tax, or Redbird technicians will do the dismantle and re-assembly for a fee.
This sim includes: 

- FMX full motion platform - Main computer running Windows 7 and all cables.
- Force-feedback control loading yoke, rudder pedals, twin and single engine quadrants
- Piper Twin PA 34 Seneca analog panel w/ Garmin 530/430 configuration (with KAP-140 autopilot)
- Piper Single engine Archer analog panel and a single engine quadrant for basic training
All computer hardware and software is up-to-date.

The unit is compatible with numerous other aircraft/avionics configurations, go to Redbird website to see all of the options.

The flight parameters (airport location, weather, time of day, etc.) can be adjusted remotely via Ethernet connections to an external PC or laptop/tablet inside or outside the cabin, so that a flight instructor can be with the student and make flight parameter adjustments.  All Redbird flight training packages will work on this SIM.

There is an intercom inside the cabin for headsets, which could be routed externally to speak with a remote instructor in lieu of one in the cabin.

The simulator is located in Northwest Wisconsin. Transporting it would require dis-assembly and packing (estimated 2-3 days), after which it can be moved using a box truck or enclosed trailer. The buyer can re-assemble the sim or pay Redbird Flight Simulations for assistance.  After moving and setup it will require a Redbird technician on site to re-calibrate everything for FAA certification.  To communicate with Redbird operationally and maintain FAA certification requires a real time internet connection and subscription with Redbird.

The simulator requires a level and solid floor and approximately 16ft x 16ft area (but it can work with less). Power requires an ordinary 120-volt 15-amp electrical outlet, typical of homes or offices.  An internet connection is required.

Although this simulator is intended for part FAA part 61 or 141 flight training and instrument currency, the sim can also be used in a home location for maintaining IFR currency, practicing approaches at a new destination and for fun.

Flight Schools are currently charging $65 to $85 per hour for similar sim time

Cash Sale Price $45,000 - sold on a bill of sale, as is, where is

You will have a like-new unit for at least $35,000 less than a new price+installation+tax

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact me, the owner:  or  715 579 2857

Thanks for looking.