GNX O-320-D2A

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  • GNX O-320-D2A
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G & N Aircraft Inc
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General Specs (cont.)

Detailed Description

Eagle EMS 4 Cylinder 160 HP Experimental Engine with Genuine Lycoming Roller Camshaft & Lifter Technology

Standard Accessories Include: Unison Ignition System (Magnetos, Ignition Harness, & Spark Plugs), 12 volt Starter, Lycoming
Fuel Pump, and Rebuilt Volare LLC Carburetor, or New Silver Hawk Fuel Injection System.
Also Includes: Ring Gear & Support, Dipstick & Tube, Inter-Cylinder Baffle, Oil Filter Adapter, Vacuum Pump Drive Gear and adapter,
Magneto Drive Gears, and Roller Camshaft & Lifters
Other options and accessories are available. Please contact G&N Aircraft, Inc. with your specific needs.