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Lycoming Legacy O-320 Engine - Contact Lycoming for specific information.  Please contact your Lycoming Distributor to place your order or for further information.

The term "Legacy" engine at Lycoming refers to engine models we no longer build. Many of these engines, though long out of production, are historically significant to Lycoming and to the entire aviation world. Lycoming's earliest engines were automobile engines that powered such venerable American classics as the Cord, Auburn and Duesenberg. 
Lycoming's first airplane engine, the 9-cylinder radial R680, was introduced in 1929. Over 25,000 were built and powered everything from Stinson to Stearman, many of which are still flying.
In 1938, Igor Sikorsky's first successful helicopter flight was powered by a Lycoming GO-145 engine. Even today, Lycoming is the only producer of FAA-certified piston helicopter engines. During World War II, Lycoming produced both engines and engine parts for military aircraft, and was commissioned by the Air Force to develop the 36-cylinder XR-7755, the largest reciprocating engine ever built. At 10 feet long, 5 feet wide and weighing 6,050 pounds, this engine still holds the record for power and displacement.
Many out-of production Lycoming engine models continue to provide reliable service in regular operation. Owners/Operators of out-of-production Lycoming engine models should contact their Lycoming Distributor to determine if factory support is still available.