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With over 50 years as the acknowledged industry leader in engine overhauls, Mattituck introduces ... the Red Gold.  Red Gold brings together new tooling and computer-aided development technology; the expertise of staff technicians with over 600 years of combined experience; and the integrity and attention to detail that has positioned Mattituck as the world's largest independent overhauler: to create an overhauled engine that is virtually better than new!

New technology coupled with Mattituck's philosophy of "one engine, one man" assembly ensures technical quality and reliability along with the painstaking scrutiny and personal attention that has become Mattituck's hallmark.

The Mattituck name on an engine has always added value to an aircraft. With Red Gold, each engine also carries the gold signature of the one technician who assembled the engine, symbolizing the highest level of technical integrity, self-pride and professional skill.


Each Red Gold engine features:
 * More new factory parts.
 * Static and Dynamic Balanced.
 * Combustion equalization process.
* Thrust Load Dynamometer test.
*Configurations:  available for both certified and experimental engines. 
*Extended Warranty
*Superb quality at an affordable price:

Red Gold is the best of the best - better than new reliability at an overhaul price.

Call us to discuss how easy it is
to make your next engine a
Mattituck Red Gold.
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