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Detailed Description

Rotax 912UL, 80HP Engine Specifications and Technical Data Configuration 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Engine w/ opposed cylinders Bore: 79.5mm (3.310") Stroke: 61.0mm (2.402") Displacement 1211.2cc (73.912 Cu In.) Power output Approx.59kw (80hp) Torque - Maximum Approx. 102 Nm (902in Lbs.) Max.Rpm 6000 rpm.  See detailed description for more info!

Cylinders Light Alloy Cylinders (Nikasil Plated) Pistons Aluminum Cast Pistons W/3 Rings Piston to Wall Clearance .01mm (.00039") Cylinder Heads Four Separate Heads Compression Ratio 9 To 1 Intake Valve 38mm (1.496") Exhaust Valve 32mm(1.260"') Valve Gap Automatic Awustment By Hydraulic Valve Lifters Camshaft Steel, Heat Treated, Nitrated Direction Of Rotation Counter Clockwise, Viewed Towards Prop Shaft Cooling Liquid Cooled Cylinder Heads, Air Cooled Cylinders Lubrication Dry Sump Lubrication With Trochoid Pump, Camshaft Driven, Oil Return By Blow-By Oil Quantity 3 Liters (.8 Ga) Oil Pressure 3.5 Bar (50psi) At 5500 Rpm And Oil Temp 110c Oil Flow Rate 13 Liters (3.435 Ga) Per Min At 5500 Rpm Ignition System Capacitor Discharge Double Ignition, Generator w/ Electronic Advance And Integrated Magneto Generator Output AC - 12Volts 250 watts Regulator / Rectifier Full Wave Rectifler Bridge w/ Scr Control 13.5 to14.2 Ignition Timing Starting: 6 Degrees Btdc Operation: 26 Degrees Spark Plug 12 Mm Ngk D6ea Electrode Gap .6mm (.0236") Fuel Induction 2x Bing CD Carb Type 64, 32mm Fuel Pump Fuel Consumption Approx. 15 Liters/hour (4 U.S. Gals.) At 75% Starter Electric Only Reduction Gear Integrated With Torsional Shock Absorption Gear Ratio Optional Between 2.0 To 3.0 Dry Weight Approx. 56 Kg (123.46 Lbs.) With Electric Start, Carburetor, Fuel Pump, Air Filter And Oil System (Without Exhaust)
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