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General Specs (cont.)

Detailed Description

Rotax 914UL Turbocharged, 115HP. Rotax 914 TurboSpecifications and Technical Data Configuration: 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke w/ opposed cylinders Bore: 3.13" (79.5mm) Stroke: 2.40" (61.0 mm) Displacement: 73.91 cu. in. (12211.2cc) .

Power Output: 101 HP (75kw) at 5500 rpm (continuous) 115 HP (86kw) at 5800 rpm (3 min./ Takeoff) Torque Max.: 94 ft. lbs. (128Nm) Max RPM: 5800 RPM Cylinder: Light Alloy, Nicasil plated Piston: Aluminum Cast w/ 3 rings Valve Train: Dual OHC, hydraulic lifters, push rods, rocker arms Cylinder Head: Four separate heads, water cooled Compression Ratio: 9 to 1 Valve Gap: Automatic by hydraulic valve Camshaft: Steel, heat treated, nitrated Valve Timing: Intake opens: 0 BTDC, closes 47 ABDC Exhaust opens: 47 BBDC, closes, 0 ATDC 1mm Clearances Crankshaft: Case hardened w/ five babbit bearings Cooling: Liquid cooled cylinder heads, air cooled cylinders Lubrication: Dry sump / trohoid pump camshaft driven, oil return by Blow-By gas Oil Quality: High performance automotive API SG Mobil 1 15W50 Fuel: Premium unleaded MON + RON/2=91 or above. If unavailable, use 100 LL TBO: 600 hours Weight: w/ Electric start, carburetor, fuel pump, air filter, and oil = 154 lbs. (70kg.) All dimensions are given in millimeters. To convert millimeters to inches multiply by .03938.
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