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General Specs (cont.)

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Introducing the new high performance XP-408AC
230 horsepower, four-cylinder, model O-408/IO-408.  
When we introduced the XP-Series Engines we Advanced the homebuilt industry. When we introduced the Vantage Engine, we Advanced the certified engine industry. Now, with the introduction of the revolutionary new XP-408AC we are Advancing competitive flying.

Superior Air Parts, Inc has teamed up with AC Aeronautical LTD to introduce an all-new, four-cylinder, 230 horsepower, Advanced Competition engine. The only engine available created specifically to meet the demands of high-performance experimental aircraft owners and builders.

The XP-408AC introduces a number of Formula One auto racing inspired advancements that result in higher performance, smoother operation and reduced weight.

Dynamically Balanced Crankshaft:

Revolutionary, dynamically balanced crankshaft designed to damp firing order vibration and increase the engine stroke to 408 cubic inches. Reduced vibration minimizes engine component stress and helps maximize reliability and efficiency.

Four Bolt Connecting Rods:

Four bolt connecting rods help stop bearing distortion at the connecting rod edge. A common problem with traditional two bolt designs. New design is also lighter than standard connecting rods.

Heavily Bridged Slipper-Type Racing Piston:

Heavily bridged slipper-type racing piston is 42% lighter than standard piston. It also is considerably stiffer and has higher fatigue limits.

Lighter Weight Crank Assembly:

New designs and materials used in the production of the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons results in a measurable reduction in component weight. Lighter weight reduces component stress and vibration for greater efficiency and reliability.

Other XP-408AC Engine Features:

-Approved for 91 UL Mogas and 100LL or 91/98 Avgas.
-IO-408AC approved for aerobatic aircraft installations.
-Standard Accessories include: Fuel Pump, Fuel System, Magnetos, Harness, Starter, Sparkplugs, Oil Filter, Oil Filter Adapter and Prop Governor Adapter if applicable.
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