1960 BRANTLY B-2

  • For Sale
  • 1960
  • N5914X
  • 50
  • Orange Park, FL USA

88000 $88,000 USD

Doug Lundeen

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  • For Sale
  • 1960
  • N5914X
  • 50
  • Orange Park, FL USA

Doug Lundeen


General Specs (cont.)


215 SMOH

850 SNEW

566 lb




Additional Classifications


Brantly B2 Helicopter For Sale.  $88,000   buy it to get your Helo license, then sell it.  Type certificated, can do a checkride in it.  TT 1,220  SMOH 220   TOP OH 7.2 hrs.   Items do not starting timing out until 2,500 hrs, so much time is remaining, about 1,300 hrs.  Mags OH 50 hrs ago, 50 amp Generator new, new electronic solid state voltage regulator.  All new circuit breakers, New 12v battery.  Lightweight starter new, Carb OH by Marvel Schebler 40 hrs ago.  Plugs new, wires new, cooling fans new, new clock, new gas gage, new intercom, no ADSB out.  New super bright LED Both landing lites, new very bright LED nav lites.  New ELT battery.  New tach cable, new mixture cable, new fuel boost pump.  Always hangared.  Last annual Nov 25, 2022.  Useful load 566.   Too much to list, Nulites installed on instrument panel gages.  New tires and tubes.  Has a comm. & XPDR.  Have Maint Manual, IPC, & SBs.    Ready to go.  Fresh oil change.  Burns 11 gph.  JAX, FL  N5914X   I can deliver.  C

Engines / Mods / Prop


Dimensions			Rotor diameter	24 feet
Rotor has good, heavy momentum, similar to an R44 rotor.
Weights and useful load  Gross wt.  	1600
				Empty wt.		1034
				Useful Load		  566
Fuel 100LL  total 31 gals.	11 gals per hour consistently
Engine VO-360-A1A		180 HP at 2900 rpm.
Avionics			ICOM  IC-A200  Comm
				KT76A  xpdr,       King	
				Intercom  new,      Flite Com
				ELT  Artex 110
				No ADS-B out.
Speeds Vne 100 mph,  	cruise about 70 mph
Type Certificated TCDS 	2H2.  Engine TC is 1E1.
Most items don't time out until 2,500 hours, some at 3,250 hours.
If you fly 100 hours a year, that's like 13 years from now.
Times   TT about 1220.0	Engine SMOH about 221.0
All 4 cylinders OH'd about 6 hours ago  Now starts good, 
runs good, Lots of Power.  Owned by A&P IA.  Can offer fresh annual.
Last Annual date Nov. 25, 2022    N5914X
Only 3 recurring ADs.  Main Rotor Blades get eddy current inspected every 
5 calendar years.  Last done July 27, 2021,  and Feb 5, 2020, and Feb 5, 2020.  
(next due Dec 31, 2025).  
It flies often.  Ready to go!