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  • FAA CERTIFIED REPAIR STATION FAA Certified Repair Stations

    General Specs

    • Repair
    • FAA Certified Repair Stations


    Call for Price

    Aeromotors LLC
    • (608) 966-3141
    • Fax: (608) 966-3143
    • 304 East Murray St

      Browntown, WI 53522 USA

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    Detailed Description

    Aeromotors LLC is a FAA certified repair station that specializes in the repair/overhaul of aircraft accessories and the manufacturing of custom made AC & DC electric motors. The aircraft accessories are primarily electric motor driven such as fuel pumps, trim actuators, blowers' etc. The custom made electric motors are specialty items often used in the medical field, in centrifuges, cell washers, bone saws and drills.