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  • FAA CERTIFIED REPAIR STATION FAA Certified Repair Stations

    General Specs

    • Repair
    • FAA Certified Repair Stations
    • Oakwood Village, OH USA


    Call for Price

    Weldon Pump
    • (440) 232-2282
    • John DeMatteis

      640 Golden Oak Parkway

      Oakwood Village, OH 44146 USA

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    Detailed Description

    Located within our manufacturing headquarters, Weldon Pump’s repair station (FAA #2WPR261B) offers repairs and overhauls on PMA pump/motor assemblies, as well as the pumps/motor assemblies manufactured by Weldon since 1942.
    Utilizing the repair station’s full range of maintenance and testing equipment enables Weldon Pump FAA-certified technicians to provide detailed analysis and extensive acceptance testing on all products, ensuring high quality inspections, repairs and overhauls.
    FAA 8130-3, Airworthiness Approval Tags are issued with every FAA/PMA product repaired or overhauled.
    Weldon Pump also teams with an expanding network of Weldon approved FAA/EASA repair stations certified to overhaul and repair Weldon pump/motor assemblies within the continental United States and abroad.
    Weldon offers complete repairs and overhauls on the following Weldon Pump series:
    18000 series JC series RH series JL series A/B series E series L series JA series LP series V4 series pump/motor assemblies J series