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  • AVIONICS Fuel Cell | Tank Repairs

    General Specs

    • Repair
    • Fuel Cell | Tank Repairs


    Call for Price

    Port City Air Inc
    • (888) 732-7324
    • (603) 766-3265
    • Fax: (603) 430-1199
    • Peter Mekelatos

      104 Grafton Drive

      Portsmouth, NH 03801 USA

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    Detailed Description

    Port City Air provides the worry-free solution for all avionics requirements. 
    Avionics today provides pilots with all the benefits of an ever-changing technology. But all too often, new installations create a whole new set of problems. New equipment, while offering extra advantages, requires a higher level of testing, servicing and training. Often so called, ?ease-of-use? products prove to be more complicated and, of course, state-of-the-art systems require state-of-the-art test equipment implemented by FAA approved factory-trained engineers.
    * Extensive knowledge and experience of all avionics technology.
        * State-of-the-art test equipment.
        * Factory-trained technicians.
        * Full-time on-site engineers using Auto CAD.
        * Specialized tooling applied to the latest materials.