• For Sale
  • 2018
  • N4779M
  • C00525
  • Louisville, KY USA

109500 $109,500 USD

David Wray

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    • For Sale
    • 2018
    • N4779M
    • C00525
    • Louisville, KY USA

    David Wray


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    Detailed Description

    Almost new in the box, one owner transferred to me in partial trade for a customized Cessna I sold. It has been hangered, and had almost no use other then with a flight trainer that I have employed. I have realized that as fun and remarkable as it is... I don't NEED 3 aircraft. Professionally built to factory specs. Very unique aircraft, great for ex helicopter or new starter pilots. Pull up some you tube videos of it operating off the california coast at slow speed and also experienced pilots showing the safe boundaries of these and you will get why pilots want these.  Beautiful color, excellent condition has a comfortable HEATED cabin, with amazing peripheral view. It is rated for 10,000 hrs, and currently only has 95 hrs on it. It is ready to fly!
    This Gyro Copter was built by two IA technicians and has a much higher capacity for useful load then a factory built one does. As the FAA considers it experimental and gives it a 595 lb. useful load rating. There are other advantages to it being a factory built type certificated aircraft. 
    Some of the Upgraded Options it has:
    -upgraded to a more powerful Rotax Turbo Motor 914
    -upgraded Propeller Blades. 
    -Custom Upgraded Lacquer Paint Blueish/Purple-not sure of name.
    -Max Speed-115 mph.
    -Fuel Consumption-3-3.5 gallons per hour. 
    -You can use low cost-premium auto motive fuel. 
    -Turbo 115 hp. motor for added safety in acquiring 600 AGL much quicker.
    -optional high-pre rotational rotor blade
    -known as the fighter pilot of gyro planes. 
    -The landing requires 0-30 feet
    -take off distance is 30-300 feet.
    -fuel tank is 19.8 gallons (4.5 hrs. range)
    -Empty Weight is 595lbs.
    -Carry Capacity is 595 lbs.
    -was built by 2 IA-s Plus One Pilot Helper
    The autogyro can be landed safely with a total reduction of power as it autogyrates making it a safer aircraft than most.
    Currently as equipped and built this autogyro sells for $140,000 us. 
    A certified instructor is available to train you and the training is usually done in a week for experienced pilots. With a private pilot certification only an estimated 10-15  hours of training is required to be upgraded in certification.
    It is current annual until March of 2023. There are many other customizable options for more information feel free to contact me at 502-262-0640.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Garmin G5 with Backup Battery 
    TRIG Transponder with ADSB-Out
    Electric Fuel Gauge

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Rotax 914 UL2-01 Turbo 115hp
    Total Time: 110

    Interior / Exterior

    Exterior: Marron
    Interior: Gray and Black Fabric Seats