1942 AERONCA 65-TC

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  • 1942
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  • Not Listed
  • Owosso, MI USA

24000 $24,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1942
  • Not Listed
  • Not Listed
  • Owosso, MI USA

General Specs (cont.)


1620 SNEW

375 SNEW



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Detailed Description

L-3 Defender 65-TAC Reconnaissance Plane (LSA) ...Have your own Warbird on a Family Feud budget. This "L-3" worked in    U. S. Army Air Forces Service until 1945, when it entered civilian life. CAA Mods for Civilian flight required a "dual ignition" Engine, and some Wing Root bracing to be added. The rear seat now faces forward (solo from rear) and the map desk has become a baggage area (the Army required a 2 person crew, so the pilot was in front).  The Franklin was removed and a new A-65 Continental installed. The engine is original and has 1619.88 hrs since new. The cylinders were recently (96.63 hrs) rebored and overhauled, with .015" oversized pistons installed. Compressions are all 79/80 or better.  Has lived mostly in the Great Lakes Mid-West region. These airframes have never had a single A.D. issued against them.  2750 hrs TTAF

      *** CALL / TXT: (nine 8 nine) 4 one 3-zero four 35. ****
           Owosso, Michigan, near Flint.

- Cabin heat works great, cockpit is insulated. Has the old school Nav Lights installed, wired back to cabin. CHT on all 
- Brackett Air Filter, Heel Brakes front and rear, Fueling Step installed on right strut. Fabric is good, could use some      
- Recent Scott 3200 tailwheel, new steering chains & springs. Good glass, sliding windows on both sides. Flies straight,
  handles nice.
- Includes portable 2-place Intercom, rear seat PTT, wired for hand held, external Comm Antenna.  ELT uses Duracell
  batteries, due Dec-2023.
Fun to fly, so times will change.	
Federal SC-2 skis available.
A&P/IA owner.
(nine 8 nine) 4 one 3-zero four 35. txt OK

Avionics / Equipment

2-Place Intercom
PTT on throttle
Wired for Handheld
External Comm Antenna
ELT uses Duracell batteries, due Dec-2023
Venturi powered Turn & Bank
Can include Odyssey Battery & box.
CHT on all cylinders


1942 Aeronca  L-3 Defender 65-TAC   (2750 hrs TTAF)
U. S Army Air Forces Service until 1945
Civilian Mods-dual mag Engine, Wing bracing added
Cabin heat works great, Brackett Air Filter installed
Recent Scott 3200 tail wheel, new springs & chains
Nav Lights installed, wired to cabin
Heel Brakes front and rear
Fuel Step installed on right strut
Fabric is good, could use some polishing
Flies straight, handles nice
NO Airworthiness Directives ever

Engines / Mods / Prop

Continental A-65-8
1619.88 hrs since NEW
96.63 hrs on rebored O/H cylinders (.015")
All compressions 79/80 or better
Left mag has impulse
Very nice Sensenich wood prop 72x42 (373 hrs since new)
Starts easy with one or two flips

Interior / Exterior

Cabin finished in Brown Vinyl
Great Heater
Sliding Windows on both sides
Good Glass
Stits PolyFiber in good shape 
Finish could use some polishing
Attach Points for Skis (Federal SC-2) set available