• For Sale
  • 1955
  • N4321C
  • Not Listed
  • Seattle, WA USA

66000 $66,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1955
  • N4321C
  • Not Listed
  • Seattle, WA USA

General Specs (cont.)

1774 HOURS




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Detailed Description

Fully turn-key 2 seater seaplane and custom trailer!  Great for traveling, fishing, or exploring the hundreds of beautiful seaplane accessible lakes in Washington or beyond.  If you don't have your pilots license or seaplane rating this airplane is great for learning with dual front/back controls and front seated solo flying.  Fresh annual inspection. If you plan on keeping it at Renton Municipal Airport (20 mins from Seattle) there is an optional tie-down spot ready for the next owner 1 minute (on the airport) from the seaplane ramp (~10 mins to get into the water). 

Airplane features:
- PK1500 Floats
- Climb Prop
- C-90 Engine with STC allowing for no ethanol car gas (89+) (also takes 100LL Avgas)
- 108 Hours SMOH (Since Major Engine Overhaul) 
- Engine total time 1774 hours
- Electric start with push button
- No flaps to worry about
- Cabin heat
- Storage compartment
- Brand new ICOM IC-A220 radio with intercom (and new antenna)
- (2020) ADSB-out compliant STRATUS ESG Transponder
- Hooker Harness 4 point seatbelts for pilot and copilot
- Large backseat area
- ~500lb useful load
- 24 Gallon max fuel capacity with 1 main (13 Gallon) front tank and 2 (5.5 Gallon) auxiliary tanks which gravity feed into the front tank through valves
- 4 to 5 Gallons per hour fuel burn
- ~4.5 hours total fuel on board
- Cruises at ~83kts
- Vortex generators on wings and elivator
- Stall speed ~35kts
- Single larger water rudder (easy to maneuver)
- Paint needs some cosmetic work

Additionally Includes:
- (Optional) Confirmed continuation rental of highly coveted tie-down spot at Renton Municipal Airport (KRNT) (1 min taxi from the seaplane ramp) with parking ($200/mo)
- 2 top of the line Mustang Survival manual inflate life jackets
- 2 headsets
- Orange vehicle beacon for trailering on-airport
- ICOM IC-A16 handheld radio for trailering on-airport
- Sentry-mini (and power bank) which allows for full fore-flight GPS wifi connection and full ADSB capabilities on tablet or phone
- [Four Winns] custom carpeted trailer for any vehicle with a standard 2" tow ball
- 3 tie-downs
- Custom embroidered (N4321C) document bag
- Gorilla ladder (for preflighting or refueling while on trailer)
- RIGID steel heavy duty storage box
- Float pump
- Gas can
- 4 Wheel chocks
- Extra float plugs
- Extra cowling screws
- Extra inspection covers
- Extra faring screws

If you are thinking of trailering the airplane somewhere after buying: 
The wings come off in a few hours and fit inside a UHAUL (with the trailer pulled behind)