• For Sale
  • 2001
  • N36HY
  • 2154
  • Placerville, CA USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2001
  • N36HY
  • 2154
  • Placerville, CA USA

Skywagons.com LLC

Mark Pilkington

3501 Airport Rd Bldg 2

Placerville, CA 95667 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


1083 SMOH

101 SNEW

579 lb



Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

2001 Aviat Husky A-1B, 1083TT, Garmin GTX 335 Transponder with ADS-B, Avionics master switch, JPI Outside air temp gauge, Garmin 496 GPS with Traffic and Music, Float kit, Ski kit, Rosen visor, Goodyear 6 ply 26 inch by 10.5 Tundra tires, Alaska bushwheels main wheels, Alaska bushwheels baby bushwheel tailwheel, Alpha/Omega Shock-strut HD extended gear, Micro-dynamics Vortex generators on tail, and more.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GTR 225 Digital flip/flop Nav/Com
Garmin GTX 335 Transponder with ADSB
Avionics master switch
JPI Outside air temp gauge
Aviat LCD Engine management display
Astro-Tech Difital LC-2 Clock/Timer
Garmin 496 GPS with Traffic and Music
Digital EGT
Digital CHT
Digital Volts/Amps
Digital Fuel flow
Digital Manifold pressure
Digital Tach/RPM
Digital oil pressure/temp


Aircraft Total Time: 1083 Hours

Recovered in 2018
50 gallon fuel capacity
Float kit
Ski kit
New cylinders 200 hours ago
All new exhaust
Rosen visor
Rear seatc heater
Heel wells in the front for larger pilots
Two baggage doors
Goodyear 6 ply 26 inch by 10.5 Tundra tires
Alaska bushwheels main wheels
Alaska bushwheels baby bushwheel tailwheel
Double puck HD Brakes
Courtesy lights
Aileron spades
Engine heater
Alpha/Omega Shock-strut HD extended gear
Raised gas caps
Fuselage handles
Micro-dynamics Vortex generators on tail
Brackett air filter

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine Time: 
1083 Hours SMOH, O-360-A1P Lycoming 180 HP

Propeller Time: 
101 Hours SNEW, Hartzell "Trailblazer" two blade HC-C2YR

Interior / Exterior

Wood floors, Black side panels. Black fabric seats. All in good condition. Overall rated 8 out of 10.

Recent fabric, perfect paint. Two-tone black and yellow in traditional Husky scheme. Very good condition.  Rated 9.5 out of 10.


Annual Due: June 2023
Empty weight: 1420 Lbs
Useful Load: 579 Lbs

New in 2001, Exported to Canada in 2011.  Returned to the USA in 2018. Complete logs. Two prop-strikes at 500 hours and 800 hours due to floating into things while on floats.

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