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  • 2013 AVIAT HUSKY A-1C

    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 2013
    • N34HU
    • 3194
    • Mc Allen, TX USA


    179900 $179,900 USD

    McCreery Aviation Co., Inc.
    • (956) 686-1774
    • (956) 357-2993
    • Fax: (425) 871-7981
    • Jim Taylor

      Mcallen Miller Intl Airport

      Mc Allen, TX 78505 USA

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    179900 $179,900 USD

    General Specs (cont.)


    300 SNEW

    300 SNEW






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    2013 Aviat Husky A-1C-180, N34HU, NDH. 300TT, Garmin 796 GPS, SL40 Comm, 327 Xpdr, PM3000 Icom, 406Mhz ELT, NDH, 2 owners since new.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Comm: Garmin SL40 
    GPS: Garmin 796 
    Transponder: Garmin 327
    Intercom: PS 3000 Stereo 
    Attitude Indicator: 3" Electronic RCA 2600-3 
    Bose Single-Point Powered Headset Jacks 
    Altitude Reporter 
    Cigarette Lighter-type Power Port
    Pilot and Copilot PTT Switches 
    Ball Bank Indicator 
    Electronics Int'l digital instruments- Tach, CHT/EGT, Oil Pressure/Temp, Amps/Volts, Manifold Pressure Gauge, Fuel Flow Totalizer
    Additional Equipment
    Baggage Door
    Aft Stowage with Left and Right Access Doors 
    Front Inertial Reel Shoulder Harnesses 
    26” Tundra Tires (Goodyear) 
    Rear Seat Heat & Defrost
    Locking Outside and New Inside Door Handle 
    70 Amp Alternator 
    Vernier Mixture Control 
    B&C Oil Filter
    Cooling Lip
    New Door design with over 11” more entry legroom 
    LED Landing & Taxi Lights- Left & Right w/ Pulse Feature 
    Dual Overhead LED Map Lights 
    Aircraft Lifting Rings (for float installations)
    Whelen Strobes and Nav Lights 
    Alaska Bushwheel Tailwheel 
    Spring 50 Gallons Useable Fuel 
    884 Lbs. Useful Load


    300 Hours Total Time Since New

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    300 TTSN- Lycoming O-360A1P
    Prop Specs
    300 TTSN- Hartzell 80" Top Prop

    Interior / Exterior

    Year Painted
    Paint Scheme- Modified Rally- Major (allover)- Insignia White. Major Trim Stripe- Pontiac Red, Accent Stripe- Silver Metalflake. Black on Upper Engine Cowling. 45" Big Dog on Tail.
    Year Interior
    Red Leather Front and Rear Seats with Oregon Aero Form-Fitting Seat Foam. Varnished Teak and Holly Wood Floors in the Pilot and Baggage areas.


    Great deal on a NDH, 1-owner, VFR, 180HP A-1C "ShockDawg" Husky. The centerpiece of the aircraft is the beautiful Garmin 796 GPS, hard-mounted in the middle of the instrument panel. Six Electronics International gauges provide the pilot with the engine information, which now includes a fuel totalizer. Avionics include a Garmin SL40 Comm and 327 Transponder w/ Altitude Reporter along with an upgraded PM3000 Stereo Intercom. It also has a 3"  Electric Digital Attitude Indicator (RCA 2600-3) installed for extra safety.
    Upgraded 406Mhz ELT
    It's equipped with the 26" Tundra Tires, Side Baggage Compartment, Aft Stowage with Left and Right Doors, cigarette lighter-type Power receptacle for running iPad & cellphone charging, left and right LED landing lights, Whelen Strobes and Nav lights and of course THE SHOCKDAWG shock-absorbing main landing gear. It also has the B&C Oil Filter and Aviat "Cooling Lip". It also has the optional Oil Temp Air Control valve installed, enabling the pilot to better control the amount of air getting to the oil cooler- great for quick warmups on cold days and flying in cold weather. No more duct tape! It even has a sweet Map Box with a foam floor built in under the instrument panel- perfect for keeping your Sectional Charts handy while flying the backcountry! 
    This aircraft is eligible to have Aviat’s newly certificated Extended Landing Gear fitted to it- landing gear that moves the MLG tires forward 2”, down 4” and has a 12” wider stance. This makes what was already a very stable aircraft while on the ground even more so. The additional track dramatically increases lateral stability and decreases the chance of dragging a wingtip during a groundloop. Moving the MLG forward 2” means the Husky can withstand more aggressive braking without the worry of a  nose over, and the longer gear legs puts the wing at a higher angle of attack, shortening the takeoff roll even more and providing more prop clearance over the stock gear. 
    Finally, it has a set of Red Leather Seats installed as well, matching nicely with the exterior trim color.
    Inspection Status
    Annual Due: June, 2018 
    VFR Transponder: February, 2020