• For Sale
  • 2012
  • N152GH
  • 052-99/100-867
  • Sacramento, CA USA

159500 $159,500 USD

Marty Gutierrez

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    • For Sale
    • 2012
    • N152GH
    • 052-99/100-867
    • Sacramento, CA USA

    Marty Gutierrez


    General Specs (cont.)


    875 SNEW

    875 SNEW

    950 lb






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    One of the nicest Four Place Bearhawks built.  Graced the cover of Bearhawk Magazine April 2015.  Won Outstanding Craftsmanship Award Bearhawk 4 Place at EAA Airventure 2013.
    Aircraft hangered in Sacramento, California and has been meticulously maintained.  All logbooks complete and up to date.
    Aircraft sold with fresh condition inspection (to be done as soon as shop can accept the airplane).
    Outstanding electronic panel display.  Aircraft very stable with coupled IFR approach.
    Empty weight approximately 1750 lbs.  Max takeoff weight 2700 lbs.
    72 gallons total fuel.  Two main tanks and two aux tanks.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Garmin G3X GDU 455 (7 inch)
    Garmin GTN 650 Nav/Com
    Garmin SL 30 Com/VOR
    Garmin GMA 340 audio panel
    Garmin GTX 345 Transponder with ADSB In/Out
    Garmin G5 EFIS
    Garmin GMC 507 autopilot control head
    Garmin GSA 28 autopilot servos (3).  Roll - Pitch - Yaw
    Electronics International MVP50P engine monitor
    Stratus USB ports
    Auxiliary audio input for passengers


    Airframe and fabric in excellent condition.
    Bearhawk tailwheel with ten inch tire.
    Clearwater Erica lights used as recognition lights.
    Grove wheels and brakes.
    Two EarthX ETX900 batteries.
    New Super Hawk 850x6 6 ply tires.
    New Aero Classic 10x3.50x4 tailwheel tire.
    Electric pitch and roll trim mounted on both control sticks.
    Oregon Aero leather heated seats.
    Cabin heat.
    Electrically locking inertia reel Hooker harnesses.
    Carpeted floor and vinyl walls.
    Aeroled Aerosun taxi/landing lights.
    Aeroled Pulsar Strobe/Nav lights.
    Clearwater Erica recognition lights mounted on landing gear.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Lycoming Thunderbolt YIO-540-D4A5.  260hp.
    M/T 3 blade constant speed propeller MTV-9-B
    Lightspeed Dual Electronics Plasma III Ignition
    BC Main and auxiliary alternators
    Dual DC bus. 
    McFarlane engine preheater.
    Vetterman exhaust with mufflers.
    Andair fuel selector.
    Airflow Performance Fuel Injection with FM200 fuel controller.
    Airflow Performance fuel boost pump package.
    Airflow Performance RAM alternate air duct.
    GAMI injectors.
    Two main fuel tanks @ 25 gal/ea and two aux fuel tanks @ 11 gal/ea.  72 gallons total fuel.

    Interior / Exterior

    Back seat is easily removable to provide large cargo area-great for two person camping trip.


    Aircraft cruises at 115 KTAS at 50-55 percent power, burning 8.5 gal/hr LOP or 10.5 gal/hr ROP.  CHTs LOP around 320 degrees and around 345 degrees ROP.  Engine baffling is excellent.  Engine oil changed every 4-5 months or 50 hours.  Engine oil samples sent to Blackstone Laboratories for analysis.  Engine on analysis program with Savvy Aviation.  Engine borescoped last year.
    Aircraft has been maintained to highest standards by Gordon Mills and crew at Alpine Aviation in Grass Valley, CA.  Waiting for snow to melt to get airplane up there for new condition inspection.  Aircraft has damage history and all repairs noted in logbooks.  I am happy to discuss.
    The airplane has proven to be a wonderful backcountry platform.  I would not characterize it as a bush airplane.
    I am a current CFI, current in the airplane, and available for aircraft checkout, if desired (only after sale).  I am willing and available to give demo flight from my home field of KSAC.  Please feel free to call or text me if you have any questions.  Cheers!