• For Sale
  • 1969
  • N7627R
  • M-1248
  • Raton NM. Fly into Santa Fe NM and fly by appointment, NM USA

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SOLD! check out our 112TC!

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  • For Sale
  • 1969
  • N7627R
  • M-1248
  • Raton NM. Fly into Santa Fe NM and fly by appointment, NM USA

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Detailed Description

For similar money, check out our Commander 112TC.  A very nice, capable, 145kt plane for $85,000.  Yes, you can learn to fly in it. 
You'll need lots of dual for insurance. By the time you have it, you'll be totally comfortable with the 'complex' nature of the plane 
AND you'll have a legitimate, IFR WAAS, modern Auto Pilot and some extra horsepower.  You can afford the fuel or you should take up sailing.  

1969 Beechcraft 23 Musketeer, 2394 TTAF. 200 SMOH Firewall forward. Paint is attractive 7-8. Interior also very clean, attractive 7-8. Dual KX 155's, AP, ADSB, Panel Mounted Garmin 696 wide screen GPS with Data Base, WX, Moving Map, Intercom. All logs, no corrosion, some minor damage but old and well repaired. Flying with current annual (due Sept. 2022). This little plane flies well at 7000' feet in Northern NM but owners have moved up to a Commander 112TC. Ready to go cross country, this plane looks better, flies better and lands better than any small Cessna or Piper.  Engine was done in January, 2019.

Photos of aircraft and logs to come soon. 
Contact David Old, for the owners:  Export Aviation LLC.   (505) 470-3616. 

Trades considered for inventory.  Plane is located at Raton NM. Fly into NRA Whittington Center and buy a plane!

Avionics / Equipment

Dual KX 155's.
Garmin 696 GPS.
Single Axis Beech AutoPilot.
ADSB. Intercom, full instrumentation, intercom, Dual PTT.


Clean, decent, attractive Blue and White Paint Scheme.  Some repairs on wing upper skins but well repaired and 'ancient history'.  
Good glass, all logs. 
We sold this ship two years ago and it underwent a thorough $5000 annual with Uvionix ADSB added.

Engines / Mods / Prop

180 Horse.  200 approx since firewall forward (accessories included) overhaul.  
Shop overhaul but well done, flying regularly.

Interior / Exterior

Attractive fabric in overall very nice condition. Older but really pretty nice.  Not anything odd!
Some trim could use repair but presentable.


Sold this two years ago, purchased from National FBO manager who overhauled the engine then lost his job.  He love the plane:  I encouraged my friend who was learning to fly that this was a 'known quantity', I'd flown it and it was nice.  With a new engine, I said, you can fly it and at least break even after you've built some hours.  
That friend has now purchased a Commander 112TC (with us as partners) and needs to sell the 'Muskrat' as we fondly call it.
He's been flying it around Northern New Mexico, into Denver, Colorado Springs, Alamosa, Santa Fe, Texas and it has performed pretty much flawlessly. 
It got a fresh alternator recently but otherwise is a 'good to go' little ship to train in, rent if you wanted to, get your IFR ticket cheaply, just have fun flying it.   Price is pretty firm; a clean 'no issues' little Beechcraft is rare, especially with a nice panel, 180HP is economical and adequate, even at our altitude.