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    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 1974
    • N9616S
    • Not Listed
    • Tacoma, WA USA


    19900 $19,900 USD

    Erik Robbins

    • (602) 743-7705
    • Erik Robbins

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    19900 $19,900 USD

    General Specs (cont.)


    1,500 SMOH





    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    1974 AEROBATIC B-19. 2 seat version approved for aerobatics. Parachute incl. Fresh 5k annual and new radios. Needs paint. 3500 TT, 1500 SMOH.

    Avionics / Equipment

    TKM MX-170C Nav/Com (new),  Apollo GX60 GPS/Com (needs update),  AT-150 Transponder (certified 10/27/2017),  KMA-20 Audio Panel,  Narco VOR/ILS/GPS CDI,  Digital VOR/ILS/GPS CDI,  Obsolete and unusable Loran,  PTT switches on yokes and installed intercom.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    11/1/2018 (Compression 72/80,70/80,70/80,72/80), All AD/s verified and complied with, New tires and bearings, 3 new motor mounts, New Airtex 345 ELT and antenna(10/2017), New Com antenna, Wood Floor panels replaced (10/17), all standard lubrications and inspections completed
    No damage history

    Interior / Exterior

    Exterior: Paint Rough (2/10), , Flaps repaired/replaced several years ago left in primer (need paint), Original plastic fairings (serviceable but warped/and brittle).  Windshield... Good (replaced 2014)
    Interior: Seats are good (recovered 2014),  Interior plastic panels are original (serviceable but warped/and brittle),  Interior vinyl panels are original (serviceable but ugly),  Lower forward panels in footwell missing,   Carpeting missing,  New wood floor panels, Glareshield needs to be repaired (vinyl padding loose),  Emergency door releases need to be repaired (for aerobatic operation only)


    The plane is currently not IFR certified.  The primary flight instruments are in a standard T configuration. There are 2 VOR CDI's which can be used for VOR/ILS, (or GPS if the unit is updated).  The plane could be used for basic IFR skills training, (instrument scan and VOR , ILS, (GPS if updated) approaches.  This is old school standard six-pack stuff.  Beyond basic IFR training or the occasional approach a Beech sport is not a hard IFR platform.  
    The plane is light and responsive on all axes.  It rolls easily in either direction.  It is almost impossible to spin.  In a couple of attempts I could not get it past an incipient spin