• For Sale
  • 1953
  • N2080D
  • D-3431
  • Ann Arbor, MI USA

90000 $90,000 USD

Matt Hall

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  • For Sale
  • 1953
  • N2080D
  • D-3431
  • Ann Arbor, MI USA

Matt Hall


General Specs (cont.)


620 SMOH

1600 SMOH

840 lb




Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

1953 D35 Bonanza
Asking $90,000 
Located Ann Arbor Michigan (ARB)

I have extra set of primed/prepped ruddarvators that can be part of deal for negotiated amount
Cont E225
88" electric constant speed prop 
≈650 TSMOH 
Annual due 11/2023

Airplane lives in hangar with drybot attached to engine to keep internals dry and corrosion free, as well as forced air to cowling to keep internal cowling at constant temperature and battery minder to Concorde battery for longevity. Possibly a bit of overkill but I wanted to keep it pristine. 
Paint is 8/10
Interior is 8/10
Ruddarvators in great shape
New flat panel with retained piano keys
All digital EI engine instrumentation 
GEM 610 engine analyzer
EI FP5L fuel totalizer
GNS 430W gps/nav/comm1
GNC300XL gps/comm2
GTX335 transponder w/adsb out
PS Engineering 7000 audio panel with 4 place intercom 
Century 1/2 autopilot -inop
Nsd360 HSI with slave feature 
Skinny dipper oil level gauge
STC dukes aux fuel pump
2x 12 gallon tip tanks
2x 17 gallon main tanks
1x 19 gallon aux tank 
Cygnet yoke
Unique and simplified fuel system, 5 fuel tanks with only 3 selections available on the selector, left/right/aux - fuel feeds from tip tanks to aux tank

Lots of STC's
Rosen visors 
BDS Exhaust silencers
Shoulder Harnesses
Battery box relocate
50a Alternator Conversion
Speed slope windshield
LED Landing Lights
Prop high rpm warning system
Cleveland wheels and brakes
406mh elt
Nulights instrument lighting
Air wolf oil filter mod
Eagle tech quick drains
Airborne electronics prop Governor
BDS crank breather
Bracket air filter
Oil quick drains
Stinger tail cone 
Swamp cooler 

Logbooks from late 1990's, early 2000's or since overhaul. STC paperwork and 337's somewhat recreaete-able from time prior. The logbooks and paperwork I do have is very detailed and well organized since the engine has been overhauled. Most annuals were completed using the Beechcraft long form annual worksheet. 

All logbooks/receipts/8130's/STC's/ 337's / etc all logged very neatly and chronologically. No handfuls of used napkins with logbook entry's. 

Also new airworthiness issued in 2021 after previous owner lost the certificate so everything up till that point was looked over with a fine tooth comb by the FAA - this was a huge selling point for me when I purchased the plane

Most accessories overhauled within last 300 hours

Recent maintenance:
New flight custom tires
New fuel sender in  aux tank
Rebuilt fuel senders in tip tanks
New fuel pump for tip tank transfer 
Reconditioned aux tank
Rebuilt shimmy damper 
New fuel pressure gauge

Left bladder tank is 3-4 years old and kept topped off with no leaks

Right bladder tank age is unknown, tank will seep if topped off to 17 gallons, I usually keep it at 13-14 and no staining is noted. However I do have a brand new fuel bladder from eagle fuel cells that has not been installed yet and will be included if not already installed by that time. 

This plane was meant to be our forever plane but recently offered a new job and cannot justify the plane financially over the next year with the first year pay cut

There's probably more im forgetting to add or mention, just ask and I'll do my best to answer any questions. 

Most recent logbook entries viewed here

Any other questions just ask
If phone goes to voicemail leave a message or text