• For Sale
  • 1955
  • N134LM
  • G-292
  • Lebanon, OH USA

245000 $245,000 USD

Ronny Alldredge

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  • For Sale
  • 1955
  • N134LM
  • G-292
  • Lebanon, OH USA

Ronny Alldredge


General Specs (cont.)


977 SFRM

331 SPOH

693 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

N134LM is a super clean Mentor that will appeal to the pilot that wants to really enjoy flying a great airplane, especially in formation. With its "Air Force One" paint scheme it will draw a crowd at any airshow. It has been lovingly cared for and lightly flown for the past 16 years and hardly flown in the ten years before that. Always hangared. Ground support equipment also available.

Avionics / Equipment

Avionics master switch.
Number 1 radio: KX-155 Nav/ Comm with Localizer/ Glideslope.
Number 2 radio: KX-155 Nav/ Comm.
KMA-24 audio panel with Marker Beacon.
ADS-B Out compliant. Appareo ESG Transponder w/ blind encoder.
Northern Airborne 2 place intercom with VOX mic.
Garmin 496 GPS, panel mounted in Air-Gizmo mount.
Front cockpit hardwired with Headsets, Inc. power adaptor for ANR headset/ helmet.
Multi-function B-8 style stickgrip in front cockpit. 
Stratus Power Port in both instrument panels.


Ground up restoration by Weaver Aircraft in 1996. New belly skins, bigger factory reman engine and three bladed prop, updated instruments and avionics. Tinted canopies and windscreen. Storage compartment in rear cockpit. Baron wing spars installed during restoration, 4523 hours remaining on 5500 hour life limit. Custom front cockpit glareshield. Dual front cockpit mirrors. Cleveland wheels and brakes. Aluminum ailerons and flaps. Whelen strobe systems for wing/tail and belly. Vacuum system for attitude and directional indicators. 2 Concorde RG-25XC batteries installed. STC available for 80 gallon fuel capacity.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Continental IO-520BA, 285 HP
McCauley 3 blade prop
Dukes 2 stage fuel pump
Brackett air filter

Interior / Exterior

Interior restored 1996 and painted light gray. Oregon Aero seats installed 2018. Exterior is Dupont Imron. Painted 1996.


Aft wing spar AD (2001-13-18R1) complied with June 2010. 3000 hour re-inspection time. 
AD 2004-25-51 complied with February 2011. GAMI Airframe Life Extension Cable (ALEC) installed. 3000 hour re-inspection time.
AD 2007-06-01 Stab Spar inspection complied with 2018. 239 hours remaining before next inspection