• For Sale
  • 1961
  • N395Z
  • D-6566
  • Placerville, CA USA

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  • For Sale
  • 1961
  • N395Z
  • D-6566
  • Placerville, CA USA

Skywagons.com LLC

Mark Pilkington

3501 Airport Rd Bldg 2

Placerville, CA 95667 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


920 SMOH

1020 SPOH

1228 lb


Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

1961 Beechcraft V35N Bonanza, 5415TT, 920 SMOH, 1020 SPOH, Narco 122 Glide slope/VOR/Localizer indicator, Apollo GX55 moving map GPS, King KT 76A Transponder with Mode C, Uavionix tail beacon ADSB out, Cleveland wheels and brakes, Wingtip strobes, Always hangared, No hail, No damage history.

Avionics / Equipment

Switching panel
Narco MK 12D Digital flip/flop 760 channel nav/com
Micheals MX 11 Digital com
Narco 122 Glide slope/VOR/Localizer indicator
Apollo GX55 moving map GPS
PS Engineering PM 2000 Four place intercom
Mitchell Autopilot
Alcor analog EGT gauge
Outside air temp gauge
King KT 76A Transponder with Mode C
Uavionix tail beacon ADSB out
Blaupunkt am/fm radio CD player
Pointer ELT


Airframe Time: 5415 Hours Total Time

74 gallons fuel capacity (Two tanks)
Cleveland wheels and brakes
Spar AD inspection completed 130 hours ago, 370 remaining to next inspection
Tail speed bracket installed
Wingtip strobes
Rear air vents
Nav light detectors
Brackett air filter
Recent right bladder
All new door and window seals
Recent vernier prop control

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine Time: 920 Hours SMOH on IO-470N, 260 HP Continental. 1500 Hour TBO. (1985)

Prop Time: 1020 SPOH, on Beechcraft 278 two blade. Reseal , balance, and eddy-current inspection 590 hours ago.

Interior / Exterior

Deluxe tan leather high backed seats with tan wool carpets to match.  Cream side panels and wool headliner all in excellent condition.  Overall rated 8.75 out of 10.

Excellent condition traditional Beechcraft scheme in overall base white with tan and light blue accents. Overall rated 9 out of 10.


Useful Load:   1228 lbs
Annual Due: March 2022

Arizona and Montana history. Dry corrosion free environment since new. Always hangared. No hail. No damage history. Engine failure in 1985 resulted in a non-eventful landing in a field. This plane is fast. It is faster with the 470 than an associates 520 powered S model. It came to Placerville at 160 to 170 Kts. Upgrade the panel and you have a fast cross country machine for the family for years to come. The IO-470 will burn 12 GPH at cruise and therefore is a very economical plane.

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