• For Sale
  • 1969
  • N2295A
  • D-9039
  • San Antonio, TX USA

189000 $189,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1969
  • N2295A
  • D-9039
  • San Antonio, TX USA

Matt Reedy

General Specs (cont.)



992 SPOH

1173 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description


N2295A is a factory turbocharged TSIO-520-powered V35A with many desirable features. A recent TOH to comply with the ECi cylinder AD, a mid-time engine and high useful load combine to create a flexible travel platform. With tip tanks and GAMI injectors, it can take you long distances quickly at high altitudes quite efficiently. 

It has a beautiful modern maroon & white paint scheme with gray leather interior and custom front sheepskin seat covers (Merino). The FTA climate controlled (set and forget) air conditioning system creates a car-like environment on even the warmest days. The large baggage door and baggage compartment are rare in the pre-V35B airframes and make loading large cargo a breeze. This aircraft has 74 gallons usable in the mains and 40 gallons in the tip tanks, giving enormous range and fuel management options. 

The turbocharger enables manifold pressure to be maintained into the teens, allowing greater speeds at reduced fuel flow. Flying LOP at 14,500 MSL, 60% HP (12.5 GPH) produces 161 KTAS, and 70% HP (14.6 GPH) produces 175-180 KTAS. 

N2295A avionics include a G530 WAAS & King HSI coupled to a KFC 200 autopilot with electric pitch trim and automatic yaw damper. The second NAV/COM is an SL-30. The GTX 345 transponder provides ADS-B in and out that is easily synced with tablet EFBs, also sending traffic and weather to the G530. Engine monitoring via a JPI EDM-700 digital engine data management system provides accurate depiction of all 6 cylinders CHT/EGT, TIT, battery voltage, oil temp and fuel flow with fuel totalization (fuel used and remaining). The PS Engineering PM8000 audio panel features external music input.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GNS 530W
GTX 345 transponder
SL30 Nav-Com
PS Engineering PM8000 audio panel
King KCS-55A HSI
S-TEC yaw damper
KFC 200 autopilot and AI with flight director
JPI EDM-700 engine monitor with fuel flow, TIT/CHT/EGT/voltage/fuel totalizer/oil temp
EI digital manifold pressure gauge and tachometer


Hangared at San Antonio International (KSAT)
No known damage history
Complete logs since new
Last annual - 08/12/22
IFR cert due 10-2023
Built-in 4-place oxygen
Factory tip tanks (additional 40 gallons)
3/8" thick windshield
Max GW - 3600 pounds
Empty Weight - 2427 pounds
Useful load - 1173 pounds
Empty CG - 81.0 inches
Useable fuel - 114 gallons
Large baggage door
BatteryMINDer battery charger, maintainer, desulfator
LED taxi and landing lights

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine: SMOH 782 and STOH 47 - Factory turbocharged Continental TSIO-520-D with GAMI injectors
D-Shannon engine baffles
EZ Heat Model EZ441 engine oil pan preheater
Rapco standby air pressure system

Prop: SPOH 992 - 3 blade McCauley 3A32C406-C

Interior / Exterior

FTA freon air conditioning system with automotive style set-and-forget temperature control
Rosen sun visors
BAS inertial reel shoulder harnesses for front seats 
Single and dual (Cygnet) yokes
Gray leather interior and custom front sheepskin seat covers (Merino)


Always US based, and AD's complied with