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  • 2021
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  • Houston, TX USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2021
  • Not Listed
  • Not Listed
  • Houston, TX USA

Blackshape Aircraft


General Specs (cont.)








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Detailed Description

Blackshape develops and produces high-performance two-seater carbon-fiber aircraft for military training and general aviation. Hyper focused on improving piloting skills and providing superior aircraft performance. 

The Blackshape Gabriél is designed to offer operational flexibility, comfortable crew accommodation, and outstanding visibility. It is equipped with a modern glass cockpit environment with dual controls and capable of top performance and flight qualities. A disruptive two-seat tandem aircraft with outstanding performance, FAA Certified.

Quality is a dominant principle of Blackshape encompassing every single action we take, ensuring that every aircraft that leaves our premises exceeds your expectations. Blackshape uses the highest quality prepregs, steel, and aluminum in its products, following this philosophy driven by an unending quest for quality.

Blackshape takes care of all the carbon fiber processes from lamination and molding to autoclave curing processes and assembly.

The wing aerodynamic design provides excellent behavior at top speed and low stall/terminal speed, resulting in outstanding safety features and flight characteristics, as well as robust structural and systems installation design.

In creating such a performing aircraft safety must be a top priority. For Blackshape safety is instilled in every aspect of the design and manufacture. Safety is so important for Blackshape that all the safety features are standard on our aircraft. Safety is accomplished through incredibly reliable electrical systems, thanks to MIL-certified wiring, an advanced breakers system plus temperatures and fuel capacity sensors. In addition, the safety features include five points certified safety belts, ballistic parachute, and anti-blast fuel tanks.

Avionics / Equipment

Primary Flight Display: EFD1000 Pro, Aspen or G3X Touch™
Multi Flight Display: EFD1000, Aspen or G3X Touch™
Engine Monitoring: EDM900, J.P. Instruments
NAV1/COM1: GTN650, Garmin
NAV2/COM2: GNC255, Garmin
Transponder: GTX335R, Garmin
Audio Panel: GMA340, Garmin
Stall Warning
ELT: E04 406 MHz, ACK Technoligies
KLR10 Lift Reserve Indicator (optional)
GFC™ 500 Digital Autopilot (optional)


2 x fuel tanks anti-blast
Differential Brakes
Electrically Actuated Landin Gear
Full Carbon Fiber Structure
Dual Control Stick
Baggage Allowed up to 72.75 Lb

Engines / Mods / Prop

Horsepower	160 Hp
Engine	Lycoming IO-320-D1B
Propeller	Hartzell Raptor Series Composites


Takeoff Over 50ft Obstacle                   1640 ft
Max Rate of Climb (MTOW, SL)           1350 fpm
Max Operating Altitude                   15000 ft
Max Level Speed (SL)                           160 KTAS
Landing Distance to 50ft                   2231 ft
Load Factor                                           +4.4 / - 2 g
Range @ Best Economy                   400 nm

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