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  • 1943
  • N65688
  • 75-8469
  • Akron, NY USA

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General Specs (cont.)


585 SMOH

837 lb





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Detailed Description

What is better than owning a piece of history that lets you experience vintage bi-plane flying all year round and even when it's cold and raining? This classic 1943 Boeing U.S. Navy N2S-4 Kaydet was used in stateside service down in the Gulf Coast for training thousands of America's Naval aviators during its World War Two career. Then in 1948, it was demilitarized, given certain civilian modifications, and predesignated as a Boeing E75 Stearman. You can see it's official discharge from the Defense Department right in the logs. With a purchase price of just $600 back in those days, this Stearman was used as a crop duster, a basic civilian flight trainer, and briefly as an aerobatic trainer. Of course, as with virtually all Stearmans, it's had its good days and its bad days, and all known instances of damage and repair in it's 75-year old life are documented for you to read about. That's right, all of the logs accumulated after it's military days starting in 1948, are complete.

Now about the bubble top canopy. You've probably never seen a Boeing Stearman with such a device, but the canopy is something that the War Department asked for and received a design approval for back in the late 1930s and early 1940s. This is not an STC and there is no need for a Form 337 or field approval because the canopy's design and approval were actually part of Boeing's original Type Certificate Data Sheet for all Stearmans, fleet wide. This bubble canopy concept was designed by Boeing Engineers and manufactured on contract by the Piper Aircraft Company of Lockhaven, Connecticut. This particular canopy unit was restored by Russ Aircraft using many Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. It has an aluminum outer frame and a wooden inner frame. The slide rails on which the canopy sections roll are mounted on both side of the airframe using bolts and can be removed. All of the light-weight sections of the canopy can be deployed or removed by two people in about 20 minutes. Just as the War department wanted, this unique and smart looking canopy allows fair weather flyers to enjoy the ride in cold weather, and even rain, something which all hard core biplane drivers will appreciate.

Avionics / Equipment

Valcon 760 TSO VHF Radio
David Clark Panel Mounted Intercom
Garmin GTX-327 Mode C Transponder
ACK-30 Solid State Altitude Encoder
Amer-King AK450 121.5/243.0 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter


8153.75 Total Time Airframe (TTAF)
OEM Bubble Top Removable Canopy Made by Piper Corporation
New Aero Classic Tires and tubes for Main Wheel & tail Wheel
Air Show Smoke System with 3 Gallon Tank
Redline Hydraulic Brakes # 11-943 by Springer Aerospace Ltd STC
New Wings installed and painted in 1989, Duster & Sprayers

Engines / Mods / Prop

Continental W-670-6N, 7-Cylinder Radial Engine
585 ETSN, 220 Horse Power, 1000 TBO, May 2007 Install
77, 75, 78, 78, 77, 75, 75 at last Engine Annual
Air Wolf Remote Mounted Engine Oil Filter STC
Bracket Air Filter STC Installed
12 Volt Electric Starter
Jasco Alternator

Interior / Exterior

Hooker Harness Seat belts
Black Leather Padded Seats


Printed Stearman Parts Catalogue Included
Gross Weight 2,950 Lbs
Empty Weight 2,109 Lbs
Useful Load 837.9 Lbs

Includes military discharge papers and civilian logs since 1948