• For Sale
  • 1970
  • N8415M
  • Not Listed
  • Santa Fe/Las Vegas, NM USA

40000 $40,000 USD
Fresh Annual

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  • For Sale
  • 1970
  • N8415M
  • Not Listed
  • Santa Fe/Las Vegas, NM USA

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Detailed Description

This plane will loop and roll all day long.  
NOT a boring 150.  
It is also 150 HP!  Not 100 like most little trainers.  It can and does take off and land with two pilots on hot and high days with DA's over 9000'!

Cessna A150K Aerobat   150/150 
Fresh annual and static check 10-10-23
150HP Avcon Conversion done in 1974, Lycoming O-320-E2D
TTAF  5490
TT Engine 5439
TSMOH  3338
TS Top  1563
PMA6000B Audio Panel
Narco MK12D Nav/Com
Apollo GX60 Gps/Com
Garmin GTX327 Transponder
Tail Beacon ADSB
Aspen E5 Display
Mid Continent Clock with USB Ports
Aerospace Logic Fuel Pressure and Volt/Amp Meter
Horizon Digital Tachometer
New Windows
New Brake Disc and Pads
New Flap Rollers
Sealed Battery
New Antennas
Annual done "for real" by IA 10-23

Avionics / Equipment

Glass Panel!  Aspen and digital/LED instruments.  Very modern in appearance and function.  Recent upgrades mean you are good to go on this item of your 'must have list'.  ASPEN at the center of the panel.  Modern, full function MFD is a game changer.  ADSB, and a good Apollos GX60 GPS. MK12D digital is a good nav/comm.
Panel looks and works very well.


Solid little trainer/workhorse belongs to everybody's favorite IA.  
Engine is high time as you see but this one is flying literally daily. 
Maintained by the guy who maintains all my planes; he owns it!
It's finishing up a real annual 10-23.  You'll have a year to decide what direction to go in  for the engine.  
Paint is... pretty much gone.  
Interior is recently re-done in the Aerobat style and looks nice. 
No carpet. Plastic is reasonably good for this vintage.  
This plane is being flown as a trainer with several of my senior CFI pals.  
It's liable to sell locally but we are asking for decent offers.

Engines / Mods / Prop

150 hp on a 152 airframe makes this plane viable as a safe, working trainer or backcountry plane, even at altitude. 
Not fast but capable. 
Regular annuals all it's recent life by a good mechanic mean it's been monitored.  Compressions are all
70's at 10-23 annual. 
An overhaul would be a good idea soon but meanwhile, fly with care and regular oil samples is my advice.
N8415M Oil Sample 1.pdf

Interior / Exterior

Aerobat style.  8/10.


Owner is the local IA.  This pls e is mechanically sound.  
Price just reduced after review of other aircraft on the market.  We see 150's but no Aerobats.  
This plane rents EXTREMELY WELL.
Once more: it IS AEROBATIC!  
Spins are a bad idea due to wt/bal with the heavier motor but you can loop it all day.  
Thats got to make it stand out and worth an investment in engine and paint.  You WILL get your money back either at sale or via higher rental rates.  
No point crying about price when there are no planes, anywhere near this level of capability being built as certificated aircraft.  
Paint and interior and a great little panel and this plane is a jewel on the ramp.