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  • 1972
  • N7042Q
  • 17260342
  • Fayetteville, AR USA
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General Specs (cont.)


1090 SNEW

1090 SNEW

834 lb




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Detailed Description

1972 Cessna 172/180 hp Superhawk. Cessna Audio Panel, King KX 175B NAV/COM with Glideslope, King KR 85 ADF, King KX 170B NAV/COM, King KI 214 NAV Indicator, King KI 201C NAV Indicator, King KT76A Transponder, Genave Delta 202 Marker Beacons, Brittain B-11 Single-Axis Autopilot (inop), King KN 65 DME (inop), AmeriKing AK-350 Altitude Encoder. 180hp Conversion, Hartzell Constant Speed Prop, Power Flow Systems Tuned Exhaust, Wheel Fairings, Rudder Trim, Soft Comm 4-place Stereo Intercom, EGT Gauge, Amperage Meter, Fuel Pressure Gauge, Electric Fuel Boost Pump, Suction Gauge, Engine Primer, Carb Heat, Pitot Heat, Outside Air Temperature Gauge, Amperage Gauge, Carb. Temp Gauge, Pilot and Copilot PTT, Pilot and Copilot Shoulder Harnesses, 12-volt Power Outlet, Quartz Electric Clock, OAT Gauge, Whelen Wingtip Strobes, Taxi and Landing Lights, 40-degree Flaps, 38-gallon Usable Fuel

Avionics / Equipment

Cessna Audio Panel
King KX 175B NAV/COM with Glideslope
King KR85 ADF, King KX170B NAV/COM
King KI 214 NAV Indicator
King KI 201C NAV Indicator
King KT76A Transponder
Genave Delta 202 Marker Beacons
Brittain B-11 Single-Axis Autopilot (inop)
King KN65 DME (inop)
AmeriKing AK-350 Altitude Encoder

Additional equipment: 
180hp Conversion
Hartzell Constant Speed Prop
Power Flow Systems Tuned Exhaust
Wheel Fairings
Rudder Trim
Soft Comm 4-place Stereo Intercom
EGT Gauge
Amperage Meter
Fuel Pressure Gauge
Electric Fuel Boost Pump
Suction Gauge
Engine Primer
Carb Heat
Pitot Heat
Outside Air Temperature Gauge
Amperage Gauge
Carb Temp Gauge
Pilot and Copilot PTT
Pilot and Copilot Shoulder Harnesses
12-volt Power Outlet
Quartz Electric Clock
OAT Gauge
Whelen Wingtip Strobes
Taxi and Landing Lights
40-degree Flaps
38-gallon Useable Fuel


N7042Q 1972 Cessna 172 Superhawk

Engines / Mods / Prop

Lycoming O-360-A1A (Avcon180hp Conversion) S/N: L21686-36A; TSNEW: 1090.3 installed 5/25/1976. Compressions on 4/4/2018 Annual Inspection 78/79/76/77

Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF (Constant Speed); S/N: CH17777E; TSNEW: 1090.3 installed 5/25/1976; Number of Blades: 2

Interior / Exterior

Paint: 6 
Interior: 7 – Original


Windshield and Windows: Good to Excellent
Date of last annual: 4/4/2018
Date of last Pitot Static, Altimeter, and Transponder checks: 3/19/2018
Weights: Empty Weight: 1465.3lbs   Max Gross Weight: 2300lbs   Useful load 834.5lbs
No know damage history. 
No hail. 
Midwest Aircraft.
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