• Sold
  • 1975
  • N6392Y
  • 17264795
  • Knox, IN USA

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  • Sold
  • 1975
  • N6392Y
  • 17264795
  • Knox, IN USA

General Specs (cont.)


741 SMOH

741 SNEW

732 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

SOLD - Even though this plane has sold we have a better 172 available for sale- Here is the link to the listing on our site: https://www.aerolifeaviation.com/Item/Index?idun=1036&1969-CESSNA-172K-Superhawk

Would you like to own a 172 that looks brand new for a fraction of the cost? One with a low hour engine, that can fly almost 900 miles non-stop and can take off and land almost any runway or backcountry with STOL kit. 
(please watch the full video of the plane including in flight)

Avionics / Equipment

Dual KX155 digital NAV/COMM radios
Dual VOR/CDI indicators with Glideslope
Garmin aera 660 GPS
4 place intercom
Airspeed indicator with true airspeed
Avionics Master Switch
KMA24 Audio Panel
SPA400 intercom
ADS-B out
Beacon Light
Cabin heat
Dual Push-to-Talk Switches
Electric 40 degree flaps
Elevator trim
KT-76A transponder


Fully articulating front pilot and co-pilot seats
STOL kit
Sun Visors
Wheel pants

Engines / Mods / Prop

STOL kit
Lycoming O320-E2D 150HP
McCauley 2 blade propeller

Interior / Exterior

12-volt Auxiliary Power Supply (cigarette lighter style for charging GPS, iPad, iPhones, etc.)
3 point seat belts
Engine heater
Fresh Air Vent Control
Front Side Opening Windows
Pitot Heat


Would you like to own an airplane that looks like new, for a fraction of the cost? This stunning 172M Skyhawk has a low hour engine, nice upgrades and capabilities that most other 172M's don't have. (Please watch the full video of the plane that includes it flying to the stall speeds and a grass landing - click the tab above the photos section or visit our website aerolifeaviation.com )

This plane was owned by a professional pilot for a long time. Low hour engine, only 740 hours, all logs since new, no damage history, long range tanks, and very nice upgrades including the STOL kit make it even more capable. 

For most pilots owning an airplane is something to be proud of, so how the airplane looks matters. Who doesn't like to own a beautiful airplane? This plane has brand new paint and looks amazing. I had another plane with the same theme and so many people commented on how nice it looked. This was completely stripped and painted to last with high quality paint and primer. It also has a rare 4 tone paint scheme. It almost looks like a modern plane.

The avionics panel is fully upgraded to include a modern panel overlay. Dual digital radios to reduce pilot workload and help you by having backup frequencies set for busy times. Dual CDI's with glideslope for instrument flights. Garmin 660 touchscreen GPS with all the information you need including: terrain, obstacles and free weather and traffic. (We will also include an ADS-B In receiver with the purchase)
It has a 4 place intercom and ADS-B out installed so you can fly in any airspace and use any airport without restrictions. 

The interior is in nice condition with comfortable new leather seats. Both front seats are dual articulating so you can adjust them to your preference. The rear seat can tilt if you need to lay down for comfort. The carpets and side panels are in decent shape with no rips. There are minor defects in the side panels as shown in the video. (If you would like to update them we can help, they cost only a few hundred dollars.) The baggage compartment contains a long section that extends to the rear.  This is not very common but is very useful to carry long items, like golf gear.
All glasses are in decent condition. There are a few sections with marks in the side windows. 
Small plastic side piece is missing in the baggage. These are very inexpensive to replace and very minor but we would like to describe the plane accurately.  

This airplane model is quite desirable because of its engine, the Lycoming 0-320 E2D, which is one of the most reliable, economical, and long lasting engines made. Even flight schools fly these engines for over 3000 hours. This engine has only 740 hours and if maintained properly you may never need to overhaul the engine. It has very good compressions of 76, 76, 74, 74. We also did the oil analysis to check the internal wear condition and the report came back clean. The engine has a block heater which can increase engine life, and avoid harmful cold starts. It starts right up and flies very well. These engines are so economical they burn only 6 gallons per hour in the economy setting meaning  you can save money from low fuel burn alone. 

This Skyhawk II has long range tanks of 48 gallons and can fly 7.5 hours or 875 miles non stop. Plus this Skyhawk has a STOL kit installed and 40 degrees of flaps. That makes it more capable than a standard 172M, so it can take off and land in very short runways, grass strips, or even backcountry.
Ultimately, the 172 is the best selling airplane in the world because of low insurance and maintenance cost. 

Owning a plane like this will accommodate most owners' needs. Be proud of owning a stunning looking airplane you can take family and friends in, with a low hour, economically reliable engine, and the ability to fly farther and take off and land in places others can't. Plus it was owned by a professional pilot with no damage history, decent avionics, and you can fly safely with ADS-B in-flight traffic and weather.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Please make sure to watch the full video of the plane including flight (click the tab above the photos section or visit our website aerolifeaviation.com)

5 things we do:
1. Arrange a prebuy with a local mechanic or accommodate yours
2. Transport anywhere in USA for low cost
3. Arrange to look at it on weekends also - if you schedule ahead
4. Provide free 5-hour training with CFI if you need
5. Help you find financing & insurance