1968 CESSNA 177

  • For Sale
  • 1968
  • CESSNA 177
  • N68VV
  • 898
  • Hayden, ID USA

170000 $170,000 USD
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Kevin Bierman

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    • For Sale
    • 1968
    • CESSNA 177
    • N68VV
    • 898
    • Hayden, ID USA

    Kevin Bierman


    General Specs (cont.)


    650 SMOH

    967 SMOH






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Sale Pending 1968 CESSNA 177 IO-360 (200HP) A1B6D 650SMOH 76, 77, 77, 80 Compressions 1968 Full Restoration in 2007 with full nose clip of 1974 Cardinal RG FAA STC approval

    Avionics / Equipment

    $48,000 in Avionics installed 2013
    Aspen Evolution PFD
    Garmin GTN650 Touchscreen GPS/Nav/Comm
    PMA8000BT Radio stack
    Garmin Apollo SL-30 Nav/Comm primary
    Garmin 327GTX Transponder (0hrs SMOH)
    EDM JPI 700 Engine monitoring
    Airtex 406mhz ELT with manual over ride switch
    M800 Davatron Chronometer
    OAT Gauge (heads up)
    Standard compass
    Indiglow gauge pack STC
    Night field lights on glare shield (red)
    Detachable magnetic night lights (captain and FO)
    ZAON Flight Systems PCAS MRX
    IFR Rated Pitot/Static/transponder System
    Rudder Trim
    Stabilator Trom
    Plane Plastics center console
    Cigarette lighter to USB charging port conversion
    0-30 degree electric flaps (fowler flaps not plain)
    Captain and FO push to talk switches


    FIRST OFF - THE INFAMOUS SEL-57-09 SB HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED in 2021 WITH NO FINDINGS WHATSOEVER. I saw the spar myself and it had no presence of corrosion at all and the HFEC came back perfect. Now lets continue...
    1968 Cardinal body 
    1974 Cardinal RG Firewall fwd cowling (only one in existence)
    Maple Leaf fairings on exhaust and wheels pants
    Composite Spinner STC
    Monarch Fuel caps with flappers for wet wing STC
    L/E gasper vents
    Stall diverter strips
    Underwing courtesy lights
    Aux wing mounted landing lights
    Whelen strobes, beacon, landing and taxi lights (all LED)
    AD modified Stabilator (slots added) with L/E tape
    Empenage tow handle modification
    Uavionics Tail beacon for ADSB mandate
    Gap seals all around
    4 fuel drain and reservoir STC (337)
    Cessna 177RG Defrost system 337
    Cowl Flaps
    Entire Fuel system from RG
    Electrical system from RG
    Will have a new battery before the sale
    Had a hard landing in 1970 and was repaired (original engine)

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Engine: Lycoming I/O-360 A1B6D 200HP 650 SMOH (I have detailed pictures during rebuild and a dedicated binder of all items regarding certs and tolerances for the overhaul.
    - Oil/Air separator STC installed
    - Quick QD drain installed for fast oil changes
     - Engine oil pan heater for winter ops
    Last Annual Compressions
    76, 77, 77, 80 all over 80 with .040 Orifice
    Prop: Has 5 hours on reseal and repaint from Precision Prop in Caldwell Idaho. 967.5 SMOH

    Interior / Exterior

    New custom embroidered seats 2007 (all four)
    New carpet 2007
    New door liners 2015
    Battery QD in Cargo bay
    All LED courtesy lights
    Heat in this aircraft works extremely well (great for winter flights)
    Only cardinal with gas door strut mod
    New sun visors
    Custom yoke plates
    New door handles (modified to never fail again)
    Billet aluminum custom corner window cranks (not installed)
    Captain and FO oxygen tanks and Canulas (need hydrostatic certs renewed)
    Gaps seals all around
    New paint 2007
    Always kept in hanger
    Always Waxed. You will not find a faded spot on this aircraft
    Only con on entire aircraft is a small crack in the windscreen that has been stop drilled and sealed. It is located on the LH fwd side starting at the retainer and goes about 3 inches aft. not anywhere near field of view. Hasn't grown in 3 years been signed off by IA as safe for operation.


    The time has come for me to sell the legendary 200HP conversion bird. This cardinal is literally 1 of a kind, not in that it has the 200HP engine installed in the FG airframe (there are 5 in existence) but it is the only 1968 original 177 with that engine and the only cardinal in existence to have the full RG cowling installed. This airplane in an absolutely incredible machine. It has been meticulously maintained since it was purchased and has been owned only by aircraft mechanics since it was fully restored in 2007. There isn't a spot on this airplane that hasn't been looked at.
    This highly modified cardinal started its life in Canada under registration CF-WVU and stayed there until 1995 when is was parked (indoors) and sat until it was rescued in 2005. In 1984 an STC was filed with transport Canada to install an IO360 from a 1974 Cardinal 177RG (C-GUNY) SN-RG475 donor aircraft and it was approved. 
    Side note: I have flown quite a number of airplanes and seen more maintenance records than I care to admit - The sheer volume of documents I have for this entire airplane(s) is almost laughable. 
    It was transferred to the United States in 2006 and the work began on restoring the entire airframe/engine. I have pictures of the project if requested. The farthest south this airplane has ever been was down to Boise, Idaho 1 time. Other than that, it has spent its entire life in the Pacific Northwest.
    This is the nicest cardinal I have ever had the pleasure of seeing and I get compliments on it everywhere it lands. Not many believe me when I tell them it's 54 years old. This airplane has a boat load of tasteful mods that and one specifically that every fixed gear cardinal owner dreams of. On a standard day with myself and no wind I cruise at about 130kts at 75% power. At this cruise the engine temps are acceptable at 1350EGT #3 and 290-330CHT using about 10gal/hr. I have flown with a number of other cardinals with the "fat wing" and the 0-360 and this blows past them even in climb. Combining the laminar flow wing with the horsepower the IO360 produces is unmatched in the high wing community. This airplane takes off fast, lands quicker, and flights more stable than the others. It is truly one of a kind.
    UPDATE: I found an entry from 1970-71(all cursive writing) based on the list that is stapled to the page was a hard landing and some minor repairs were done (this was before the IO360 was installed).