1975 CESSNA 177B

  • For Sale
  • 1975
  • CESSNA 177B
  • N330CT
  • 17702158
  • Knox, IN USA

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  • For Sale
  • 1975
  • CESSNA 177B
  • N330CT
  • 17702158
  • Knox, IN USA

General Specs (cont.)


820 SMOH

130 SOH

844 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

We have 2 fully upgraded Cardinals available soon, one with full Garmin Glass Panel. If you like to get a notification you can subscribe to our email notices for the planes on our website aerolifeaviation.com
This plane is sold, thank you for your interest.
Around $86,000 in upgrades make this Cardinal faster, safer and more reliable than others. Low hours. Latest Garmin avionics. Autopilot. Luxury interior and elegant newer paint and much more. (Please watch the full video including flight with 160 knots and slow 8 knots speed.)

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GTN 650 touchscreen GPS/NAV/COMM
PMA 7000B audio panel
Garmin 660 GPS
Garmin GI106 VOR / ILS / LOC / OBS Indicator
Engine preheater
Garmin GDL88 ADS-B In & Out
EI digital engine monitor with CHT/EGT/OT/VOLT/AMP
EI digital fuel flow gauge
4 place intercom
Airspeed indicator with true airspeed
Avionics Master Switch
Garmin 327 transponder
12-volt Auxiliary Power Supply (cigarette lighter style for charging GPS, iPad, iPhones, etc.)
3 point rear seatbelts
4 point reel front seatbelts
Battery Charger
Beacon Light
Cabin heat
Custom cabin cover
Digital clock
Dual Push-to-Talk Switches
Electric 30 degree flaps
Elevator Trim
Engine preoiler
Fresh Air Vent Control
Front Side Opening Windows
Outside Air Temperature Gauge
PAI-700 Vertical Card Magnetic Compass
Pitot Heat
Powerflow exhaust
Radio Lighting Dimmer
Rudder Trim
Standby Vacuum


Mapleleaf wheel fairings
Monarch fuel caps
Speed modifications
STOL kit
Sun Visors

Engines / Mods / Prop

Lycoming O360 4 cylinder
McCauley 2 blade propeller


Surprising flight performance in this low hour, late model Cardinal 177B. Elegant exterior, luxury interior, latest Garmin avionics, autopilot, speed modifications, engine monitor and more. Everything an owner likes plus upgrades making it a special plane that can do what other Cardinals can't. Upgrades alone cost around $86,000-90,000. Best value Cardinal on the market today. (Please watch the full video to see everything about the plane and performance in flight. Just click the tab above the photos section labeled 'Video' or view on our website: aerolifeaviation.com)

Elegant paint scheme; ivory base, 3 accent colors. Rare in a plane like this since it usually costs over $20,000. Gets attention, clean glass and airframe, no corrosion, no hail, no damages.

High quality interior. Very comfortable leather seats. New carpet. 4 point retractable seat belts in front for comfort and extra safety. 3 point rear seatbelts.

Wood grain trim update like 1978 Classic model
Garmin GTN 650 touch screen; most popular GPS-Nav-Com today. Easy to use, lower pilot workload, GPS navigation, weather, traffic, all IFR features and communication.
STec 30 autopilot flies heading, GPS, VOR LOC track, holds altitude and optional GPSS roll steering installed for smooth turns as seen in the video when it flies the approach. Convenient for long flights, safety tool for instrument flights a life saver in VMC to IMC situations. Audio panel has many features including ATC playback and phone connect for calls.

Digital engine monitor is one of the best things to have. Monitor all CHTs, EGTs, oil temp, voltage ect. Save fuel, increase engine life and a good troubleshooting tool. Digital meter for fuel flow, fuel remaining ect. Save fuel and monitor levels on longer flights. Garmin ADS-B Out to fly over 10,000ft and any airport in USA without restriction. ADS-B In to view free in-flight weather, traffic and other important info. These avionics and panel upgrades in the plane cost about $47,000

Lycoming 0-360 180HP low hour engine. Only 820 since major overhaul. Very reliable, low maintenance. Very good compressions 74-76-75-72. Most people fly less than 50 hours a year so ECI cylinder compression can be checked at annual. If you like we can upgrade to new Millennium cylinders for $4700. Pre-heater to prevent damaging cold starts. Updated McCauley prop has only 130 hours since overhaul, maintain 75% power up to 10,000ft to fly faster.

STOL kit. (Short Field Takeoff and Landing). Operate on shorter runways, grass strips or backcountry. STOL kit reduces stall speed. (see the video to see just how slow it can fly)

Old accident history professionally repaired. Over 31 years and almost 1500 hours ago so no factor but we always mention anything we notice. Even though the spar inspection isn't required it's been done.

Powerflow exhaust adds power. According to their site: 5-7 knots speed increase, increased climb rate and increased service ceiling by 2000-5000ft.

Many other upgrades: LED lights, vertical card compass etc.

Really nice flying airplane. Very nice performance. Landed nicely with 25 knot gusting crosswind.
It's hard to find a good 177B and nearly impossible to find a low hour, late model Cardinal with these upgrades in today's market.
(Please make sure to watch the full video of the plane in the tab above the photos or on our website: aerolifeaviation.com)

To learn all about the Cessna 177B, please watch my popular Cardinal review video with around 50,000 views on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwUmeGG6ioQ

5 things we do:
1. Transport anywhere in USA for low cost
2. Arrange prebuy with local mechanic or accommodate yours
3. Arrange to look at it on weekends also - if you schedule ahead
4. Give free 5 hour type training with CFI if you need
5. Help you find financing & insurance