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  • 1980 CESSNA 180K

    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 1980
    • CESSNA 180K
    • N2990K
    • 180-53153
    • Wharton, TX USA


    85000 $85,000 USD

    Michael Hershey

    • (281) 636-4146

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    85000 $85,000 USD

    General Specs (cont.)


    2,086 SFRM

    687 SNEW




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    1980 180K.  5538 TT, 2086 SFREM, O-470-U, 88 gal, extended baggage, internal primer, Cleveland brakes.  IFR.  Low hours.  Strong engine.  Flies straight.  Private owner last 15 years.  Gently used.

    Avionics / Equipment

    - Garmin GMA 340 audio panel.  4-place intercom with music input jacks for both front and rear seats.  Installed 14-Dec-04.
    - Garmin GNC 250XL GPS/comm 760 channel, 5 watt.  Installed 30-Mar-98.
    - Bendix/King KX-165 VOR/LOC/GS/comm, 760 channel comm.  Installed 14-Dec-04.
    - Bendix/King KI-206 VOR/LOC/GS indicator.  Installed 14-Dec-04.
    - Cessna ARC 300 ADF R-546E receiver and indicator.  Stainless steel sense antenna.
    - Bendix/King KT-76A transponder.  Installed 14-Dec-04.
    - Dorne & Margolin 6.1 ELT, TSO-C91, 121.5 and 243.0 MHz.  Battery due May 2019.
    - Push-to-talk switches on both control yokes.
    - Lighter plug in panel, 28 vdc auxiliary power source.  Aftermarket dual USB-A high amperage plug (2.4 A per receptacle).
    - Attitude indicator, vacuum
    - Heading indicator, vacuum.  Overhaul 29-Apr-05 at 4575.9 TTAF, by Texas Aircraft Instruments, Houston TX.
    - Altimeter.
    - Vertical speed indicator.
    - Turn coordinator, electric.
    - Airspeed indicator.
    - Precision* PAI-700 Vertical Card Compass, installed 29-Apr-05.


    - Cessna 1980 180K, SkyWagon II
    - Serial No.: 18053153
    - Useful load: 1038 lb.  Empty Wt.: 1762 lb.  Gross Wt.: 2800 lb.  (An STC to increase gross weight to 3190 lb (+390 lb) is available from Kenmore Air Harbor.)
    5538 TTAF  (on 5-Feb-18)
    - Fuel capacity: 88 gal, 84 usable.  Wet wing; no bladders.  No leaks.
    - No wheel pants.
    - No float kit.  Never on floats.
    Damage History:
    -  23-Oct-17, 5521.3 TTAF: Outboard left wing, wingtip and aileron.  New composite wingtip from Stene Aviation.  Wing and aileron repair and all painting by Flying T Repair Station, Anna TX, FAA Part 145 Repair Station No. SJNR1521, work order: 699. 
    -  26-Jan-17, 5477.6 TTAF.  Left outer wing, aileron and wingtip.  New composite wingtip from Stene Aviation.  Aileron repairs and all painting by Flying T Repair Station, Anna TX, FAA Part 145 Repair Station No. SJNR1521, work order: 676.  Rib replacement and all installation by Larry David, Aircraft Maintenance Services, Wharton TX.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    -Teledyne Continental Motors, m/n: O-470-U-17B.
    - Factory remanufactured engine.  Installed 25-Sep-93.
    230 hp (minimum) at 2400 rpm.
    - Cylinder #6  Replaced with OH/Exch: 2039.5 TT, 25-May-17.
    - Cylinder #3  Replaced with OH/Exch: 1985.6 TT, 2-May-16.
    - Complete new Slick ignition system -- magnetos, wires and fine-wire spark plugs – at 28-May-08, 1513 SFREM.
    SFREM: 2086 TTIS (on 5-Feb-18).
    - Manufacturer: McCauley
    - Type: 2-blade
    - Model no.: C2A34C204-C
    - SNEW: 687 TTIS  (on 18-Dec-17).  Installed 22-May-07 at 4845.0 TTAF. (Previous blades did not pass dimensional specifications.)

    Interior / Exterior

    - Factory internal primer corrosion treatment.
    - Extended baggage compartment (50 lb capacity).
    - Scott tailwheel.
    - Electrical system is 28 vdc.
    - Teledyne Gill battery, m/n: G-242.  Installed 15-Dec-13.
    - MLG tires: size 7.00-6, Desser retreads with Aero Classic “Low Leak” tubes.  Both new at 25-May-17 at 5491.5 TTAF.
    Factory Options:
    - Left seat is infinitely adjustable.  Recent complete rebuild and upgrade.  Right seat is standard type.
    - Rear seat bench seat with adjustable, split-seatbacks.  Quick-remove type seat which easily fits into extended baggage compartment.
    - Refueling steps and handles.
    - Retractable tail pull handles.
    - Dual flight controls, including dual toe brakes.
    - Heated pitot tube.
    - Removable baggage compartment cover.  (Installs between the main and the extended baggage compartments.)
    - Engine oil quick drain valve.
    - Tail jack pad.
    - External ground service plug receptacle.
    - Panel lighter receptacle, 28 vdc.
    Modifications and Additions
    - Cleveland brake and wheel conversion.  Heavy duty, 2 pucks per wheel.  Kit no. IM 199-62, p/n: 30-52N and p/n: 40-75D, 11-Mar-02 at 4369.1 TTAF.
    - Brackett engine induction air filter.
    - Engine oil quick drain.
    - Precise Flight Low Vacuum Warning Light.
    - Saf-T-Stop slide safety for left front seat.
    - Alcor EGT gauge.
    - ClearVue in-line filter immediately upstream of vacuum pump.
    - Denton Enterprises Baggage Door Organizer.
    - Sunvisor extensions, tinted.
    - Removable hinge pins on both left and right cabin doors.
    -Battery maintainer pigtail.
    - Hand tow bar.
    - Cessna Service Manual and Parts Catalog available for additional $250.


    - Airworthiness Directives: all complied with.
    - Annual inspection valid through 31-May-18.
    - IFR recertification (i.e. FAR 91.411 and 91.413) valid through 28-Feb-19.
    - Strong engine.
    - Flies straight.
    - Current owner last 14.7 years, 1157 TT (on 18-Dec-17; average of ~78 TT per year during ownership).
    - Complete records.
    - Copy of FAA records to 24-Jan-18 available.
    - Clear title.  No liens, nor encumbrances.
    - Always hangered during ownership.
    - Reason for selling: not flying enough.
    -Southeastern Texas.  Wharton Regional Airport, KARM, Wharton TX 77488.  KARM is 65 miles southwest of downtown Houston TX.
    Price: $85,000
    Owner: Michael Hershey.
    Phone: 281-636-4146