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    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 2005
    • N116SM
    • Not Listed
    • Waukesha, WI USA


    217900 $217,900 USD

    Spring City Aviation, Inc.
    • (218) 280-2615
    • Fax: (262) 547-0080
    • Gavin Leake

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    217900 $217,900 USD

    General Specs (cont.)


    1,445 SNEW






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    A nice example of a late-model, G1000 Turbo 182, bring your mechanic and fly it home!
    Information in this advertisement is subject to your verification. Aircraft may be withdrawn from the market or sold at any time.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Nav III Avionics (Garmin):	
    GMA-1347 Digital Audio Panel with Marker Beacon/Intercom	
    CI-102 Marker Beacon Antenna	
    GTX-33 Transponder - Mode S with TIS	
    CI-105 Transponder Antenna	
    GIA-63 NAV/COM/GPS with Glideslope #1	
    GIA-63 NAV/COM/GPS with Glideslope #2	
    CI-2480 VHF/GPS Antenna with Internal Notch Filter #1	
    CI-2480 VHF/GPS Antenna with Internal Notch Filter #2	
    CI-120 NAV Antenna	
    GDU-1040 Primary Flight Display (PFD)	
    GDU-1040 Multi-function Display (MFD)	
    GEA-71 Engine/Airframe Computer	
    - CHT/EGT Sensors - All Cylinders	
    - Fuel Flow Meter	
    - TIT Sensor	
    - Manifold/Tachometer/Vacuum Sensors	
    GRS-77 AHRS	
    GDC-74 Air Data Computer with OAT Probe	
    GMU-44 Magnetometer	
    KAP-140 Dual Axis Autopilot with Altitude Preselect/GPS Roll Steering	
    KCM-100 Configuration Module	
    KS-270C Pitch Axis Servo Actuator	
    GDL-69A XM Satellite Data / Radio Receiver	
    KS-271C Roll Axis Servo Actuator	
    KS-272C Pitch Trim Servo Actuator	
    Pilot Control Wheel - Pitch Trim Switch / Autopilot Disconnect	
    3000-11 Emergency Locator Transmitter	
    Emergency Locator Transmitter External Antenna	
    Emergency Locator Transmitter Remote Mounted Switch	
    WX-500 Stormscope	
    NY-163 Stormscope Antenna	
      Control Wheel Push-To-Talk Switch - Pilot/Copilot	
    Mic & Phone Jacks - Pilot/Copilot/Passengers	
    Auxiliary Stereo Input Jack	
    Deck Skin Cooling Fan #1 - Instrument Panel	
    Avionics Cooling Fan #2 - PFD	
    Avionics Cooling Fan #3 - MFD	
    Aft Avionics Cooling Fan #4 - Avionics Equipment	
    LED Lighted Switch Panel	
    LED Light Circuit Breaker Panel	
    Blind Turn Coordinator for KAP-140 Roll Rate Data	
    Backup Single Pump Vacuum System - Dry	
    Standby Battery Controller	
    Standby Battery, 24 volt 6.2 AH	
    Backup Attitude Gyro, Airspeed & Altimeter Indicator


    1445 TTSNEW

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Engine preheat system

    Interior / Exterior

    Very good condition, see pics and video.


    A very nice airplane. This airplane came from California, where it was maintained by Tom's Aircraft. It has been in Wisconsin for just over a year, where it has been hangared. No known squawks, come check it out! 
    Annual due December 2016. 
    Fresh ship's battery
    Recent Amsafe safety belt inflators
    Note: This airplane has some slight cosmetic dings on the lower side of the horizontal stabilizer, as well as one skin patch there. These are as a result of landing on a gravel strip before the current owner's time with the airplane. These have been properly addressed in the logbooks and are not considered to be significant, but we try to disclose anything which might be considered a cosmetic drawback.