1969 CESSNA T210J

  • For Sale
  • 1969
  • CESSNA T210J
  • N169PG
  • Not Listed
  • Santa Fe/Las Vegas, NM USA

188000 $188,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1969
  • CESSNA T210J
  • N169PG
  • Not Listed
  • Santa Fe/Las Vegas, NM USA

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Detailed Description

TURBO 210J:  Very clean well kept plane.  3180 Total time.  No damage.  No corrosion. 1200 SMOH. 200 approx since full new cylinders. Scimitar Prop. Dual AV-30's.  KLN 90B GPS.  Narco Mk 12 digital nav com. 
Paint is a good 8+.  Interior 9 in tan leather, headliner and sidewalls are in excellent condition. Good glass. No AD issues, main spar done and it was clean. No gear issues. It is missing its last airframe logbook but the owner we sold it to, lost it. 
We have reconstructed 85% of the past fifteen years of annuals by the one shop that did it all in Iowa.  Engine and other logs are present. The records are complete for all legal purposes. 
Flight plan 170 knots day in day out. 

Beautiful, very well maintained Turbo 210J model.  We've owned, sold and flown this airplane for .  Ten years ago, a meticulous owner went through the plane nose to tail, paint, interior, panel, engine bay, engine but didn't get to the avionics as he lost his son. It's a long story but I bought it, flew it for a year and traded it up.  Bought it back three years later. Flew it, sold it to a friend who now wants a six seater. 
 A Garmin 750 was purchased for the panel, can be bought separately.  No auto-pilot but we have not missed it.  Plane is a level easy flying ship.  
Price is set below other +$200k offerings to sell, not due to defect or appearance. 
This has been a plane that flies non-stop between annuals that have run $3500 average per year.

Avionics / Equipment

AV-30 x 2.   No vacuum pump: it was removed.  
Dual Narco Mk12's.  One digital,  ADS-B with mide C for Mexico Canada: Tailbeacon.. Narco DME.  
King KNS 91 GPS.  Works well.  
Panel is very modern, clean and very good condition.this plane does NOT
look it's age.


TUEBO!    Very clean nose to tail. 
No corrosion, clean engine bay, recent top overhaul with updated cylinder.

Engines / Mods / Prop

TURBO 210.  TSIO520.  Well maintained, well flown, full power at altitude. 32.5 inches MP at 7000' on takeoff on warm days.
Scimitar prop in excellent shape.
Recent full top overhaul.  No vacuum pump: AV20's did away with it!

Interior / Exterior

Gorgeous tan leather, excellent adjustable seats in good shape, seat rails are good. Headliner excellent suede. Vents, belts, handles, latches all good looking and functional.


This plane is very good looking and in overall way better condition than 95% of the fleet up to and including planes from the 80's I've flown and sold.  
It has two wonderful AV-30's that make life great but  would benefit from new GPS, audio panel etc.  A new Garmin AP would be an excellent upgrade for a very reasonable price. 
In this volatile market, this plane is fast, reliable and priced to sell.  
Please fly into Santa Fe KSAF and negotiate on site.