1967 CESSNA TU206B

  • For Sale
  • 1967
  • N775P
  • TU206-0769
  • Placerville, CA USA

149000 $149,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1967
  • N775P
  • TU206-0769
  • Placerville, CA USA

Skywagons.com LLC

Mark Pilkington

3501 Airport Rd Bldg 2

Placerville, CA 95667 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


463 SMOH

463 SNEW

1552 lb



Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

1967 Cessna Turbo TU206B Stationair, 463 SMOH, 463 SNew Composite MT Three blade Prop, Uavionix wingtip ADSB out Beacon, Avionics master switch, JPI EDM 900 Digital engine management display, Sportsman STOL Kit, ART Wingtip extensions, Micro dynamics VG kit, 1552lb Useful Load.

Avionics / Equipment

King KMA 20 Audio panel with 3LMB
Garmin GNC 255A Digital flip/flop com
TRIG TT31 Digital Transponder
Uavionix wingtip ADSB out Beacon
JPI EDM 900 Digital engine management display
Garmin G5 Electronic HSI
True airspeed indicator
Outside air temp gauge
Dual yoke mounted push-to-talk buttons
PM 1000 Intercom
Remote ELT arming panel
Avionics master switch
Analog clock/timer


Aircraft Total Time: 9300 Hours

Configured for quick switch between passengers and jumpers
Camera Hole (covered)
84 gallons long range fuel
Sportsman STOL Kit
ART Wingtip extensions
Micro dynamics VG kit
Heavy gear, 850 mains and 750 nose wheel in larger fork
Flap gap seals
LED beacon
BAS inertia reel shoulder harnesses
Ground service plug
MT Composite three blade prop
Cowling cooling louvers
Large non-congealing oil cooler
Heavy "bumpy backed" engine case
Courtesy lights
Double puck heavy brakes
Wingtip strobes
Double Utility doors
Six seats
Dual articulating front seats
Rudder trim
Roll up jump door and wind deflector
Capable for plumbed oxygen

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine Time: 
463 Hours SMOH on TSIO-520C, 1400 TBO, 285 HP

Propeller Time: 
463 Hours SNEW (MTV-G-D) Composite MT Three blade

Interior / Exterior

Cosmetically very needy throughout the interior. Mis-matched seats. Needs total interior but everything is there. Overall rated 2 out of 10.

Reasonably presentable overall white with dark blue major accent and red minor accent in traditional scheme. Localised areas of chipping and STOL kit needs paint. Overall rated 6 out of 10.


Annual Due: November 2022
Useful Load: 1552 Lbs

Spent the early part of it's life as a camera plane. It has a covered camera hole installed.  This added up the total time.  Then the about 15 years ago it was a jump plane for a few years with it's private owner. Roll up jump door is still installed but the last few years it has been the family station wagon with it's seats installed.  Needs some cosmetics like paint and interior, but will always be a 1500 lb hauling utility truck with the STOL kit, extended wings and VG's on heavy gear. Getting harder and harder to find.

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