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CESSNA 210 SERIES Aircraft For Sale


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    Reg# N744R
    TT: 1400

    1974 CESSNA 210L- N744R S/N 21060521, TT 1400, 10 SMOH, 75 SPOH, Garmin 347 Audio Panel, GNS 480 GPS/Nav/Com, Garmin SL30 Nav/Com, Garmin GTX345 Transponde... More Info

    Redhead Aviation

    La Verne, CA USA

    Last Update: 07/09/2019

    Reg# N9889Y
    TT: 3129

    1981 CESSNA 210, $158,000. TT-3129, 245 SFWF, NDH, KX-155, KX-165, KFC200 w/FD, WX-11 stormscope, RDS-81 color radar, dual Glideslope. More Info

    Dane Horrell

    Selma, NC USA

    Last Update: 07/03/2019

    Reg# N6545N
    TT: 9021

    1978 C-210N, TT 9021, TSFOH 183, IFR Certified, GNS 430, ADSB Compliant, Exterior 6, Interior 6, FIKI TKS, Well Maintained. More Info

    Last Update: 07/11/2019

    Reg# N2229S
    TT: 3190

    1976 Cessna 210L, 3190TT, 540 SMOH, Full Garmin 530W-430W, Garmin GTX-330, TAS600 Active Traffic System, Robertson STOL Kit. More Info

    Last Update: 06/06/2019

    Reg# N12TK
    TT: 2970

    One Of The Nicest Cessna 210's, 1976. A Must See Aircraft! Low TTAF 2970, Low TSMO 152, Fresh New Paint - Exceptional Interior, Owned By Same Owner For Ov... More Info

    Joe Karl

    Sevierville, TN USA

    Last Update: 07/17/2019

    Reg# N1600X
    TT: 4400

    1975 Turbo 210L, new Air-conditioning system, 4400 TT, 1220 SFOH, Garmin GNS530 WAAS, ADSB Out C/W $149,000 call Gary Gadberry 423-893-5444, 433-488-1691 ... More Info

    Aircenter Inc

    Chattanooga, TN USA

    Last Update: 07/21/2019

    Reg# N4616Q
    TT: 5210

    1972 C210L, TT5210, SMOH 485. 3-Blade Hartzell, Annual Done 12-2018. Owner 43 Years Always Hangared. More Info

    Chris Kolstad

    Lake Havasu City, (Feb. & March), AZ USA

    Last Update: 07/17/2019

    Reg# N9498M
    TT: 4300

    1971 C210 In great condition. TTAF 4300. SMOH approx 1050. Solid IFR platform. Garmin 530, G5, 796 and more. More Info

    Robert White

    FL USA

    Last Update: 07/17/2019

    Reg# N154EF
    TT: 2964

    1969 210J Well maintained, hangared, all logs since new paper and PDF More Info

    Timberlake, NC USA

    Last Update: 07/17/2019

    Reg# N1967V
    TT: 7520

    1967 Cessna 210-G, 7520TT, 2110 SMOH, 710 SNew Prop, KMA20 Audio Panel/3 Lite MKR, GPS796 Panel Mount, More! More Info

    Larry McCormick

    Farmington, MO USA

    Last Update: 06/21/2019

    Reg# Not Listed
    TT: 3500

    Completely Overhauled 1966 Cessna 210E, Brand New Avionics, New Leather Seats! I Bought This 1965 Cessna 210E In November Of 2017 And Sent It To Starr A... More Info

    Ronnie Jones

    Dayton (2A0), TN USA

    Last Update: 07/18/2019

    Reg# N3853Y
    TT: 2488

    1964 Cessna 210, Second Owner, Always Hangared, 2488TT, 1130 SMOH, Recent Annual, IFR Approved, Glide Slope King 175B, MAC 1700, Collins ADF, Paint Very Go... More Info

    John Thomas

    Indiana, PA USA

    Last Update: 07/01/2019

    Reg# N3603Y
    TT: 3950

    1963 Cessna 210C, 3950TT, 795 SMOH, GNS480, Stec 30 w/ Alt Hold, 80 Gallons, Logs Start in 1984. More Info

    Chicago Aviation

    Birmingham, AL USA

    Last Update: 03/06/2019

    Reg# Not Listed
    TT: 2945

    1963 Cessna 210C, 2945 TT, 415 SMOH Engine, 800 SPOH, 80 Gallon Fuel, Gear Door Mod, VG's, JPI Monitor, 4 Place Intercom, Fresh Power Pack, Gami Injectors,... More Info

    Taylors Flying Service

    Des Arc, AR USA

    Last Update: 06/26/2019

    Reg# N9627X
    TT: 4800

    Only 700 SMOH. Very nice Cessna 210B featuring Garmin 530W , S-tec Autopilot, Recent Landing Gear Overhaul, New Paint 2007, Good Interior, Fresh Annual Ins... More Info

    Norfolk Aviation

    Bowie, MD USA

    Last Update: 06/26/2019

    Reg# N6690X
    TT: 3162

    1961 Cessna 210A AFTT 3162, Engine TSMO 842, King KX-155 NAV/COM, King KMA 24 Audio Panel, Apollo GX55 GPS, King KT76A Transponder, ECI EGT/CHT, BFG Strike... More Info

    DavinAir LLC

    Spanaway, WA USA

    Last Update: 05/29/2019

    Reg# N9439X
    TT: 4546

    Fast and Efficient 152kts on 14gph, Flown Regularly. More Info

    Fairbanks, AK USA

    Last Update: 06/28/2019

    Reg# N9443X
    TT: 2567

    Perfect for export with low time airframe, engine, prop and complete aircraft documentation. Recent graphic monitor or EGT/CHT More Info

    International Aircraft Services LLC

    Pembroke Pines (KHWO), FL USA

    Last Update: 06/24/2019

    Reg# Not Listed
    TT: 3110

    1961 Cessna 210, 3110TT, 178 SMOH, 75 On 3 Blade Scimitar Prop, Stec 20 AP, Horton STOL, 2013 Paint & Windshield, Not Flown For 2 Years, Fresh Annual In Ju... More Info

    Santee Cooper Aviation

    Manning, SC USA

    Last Update: 07/03/2019

    Reg# Not Listed
    TT: 2600

    1960 Cessna 210, 2600TT, 16 Since rebuilt Eng, 16 hrs on new prop. More Info

    Mark Kaidan

    Brooklyn, MI USA

    Last Update: 06/14/2019

    Reg# N9664T
    TT: 5730

    1960 Cessna 210, N9664T, 5730 TT, 1240 SMOH, 202 SNP, KMA24 audio panel w/3LMB, Garmin 430W (WAAS), G5 Ecectronic HSI, DF, Attitude inst. More Info LLC

    Placerville, CA USA

    Last Update: 05/14/2019

    Reg# N7366E
    TT: 4450

    Cosmetically superior, updated 1960 210 with a strong engine. More Info

    Kent Cook Aircraft Int'l


    Last Update: 07/18/2019

    Reg# N9530T
    TT: 4345

    1960 210, 4345tt, 453smoh, 0 since SB96-11B Insp & Rebuild, 0spoh, KX155, KX170B, Apollo GPS, AT150 Lndg Gear Saddle AMOC, Cleveland W&B, flap gap seals, s... More Info

    Bobby Watson

    Loma Linda, CA USA

    Last Update: 07/19/2019

    Cessna 210 Series Aircraft Information

    First flown in January 1957 and produced by Cessna until 1985, the Cessna 210 Series Centurion is a six-seat, high performance, retractable gear, single engine aircraft. The 210 has the capacity for one crew member and five passengers. The empty weight is 2303 lb (1045kg) and the max takeoff weight is 4000lb (1814 kg). Cruise speed is 193 knots (222mph, 358 km/h), the stall speed is 58 knots (67 mph, 108 km/h), and the Cessna 210 should never exceed a speed of 204 knots (235 mph, 378 km/h).

    Between 1957 and 1985, 9240 Cessna 210s were built. Various models of the 210 include the Cessna Pressurized 210 series, and the Cessna Turbo 210 series. Sub-variants include the following: 210 Centurion, 210A, 210B, 210C, 210D Centurion, 210E Centurion, 210F Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210G Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210H Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210J Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210K Centurion/Turbo Centurion, Cessna 210L Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210M Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210N Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210R Centurion/Turbo Centurion, P210, P210N Pressurized Centurion, P210R Pressurized Centurion, Cessna T210, T210F, T210G, T210H, T210J, Cessna T210L, T210M, Cessna T210N, T210R and the Riley Turbine P210. The versions produced in the greatest quantity were the 210N, T210N (turbocharged), and P210N (pressurized). The T210R and P210R are the rarest and most expensive variants and were produced only in small quantities from 1985-1986.

    Retractable landing gear, swept tail, and a new wing were added to the 182B Skylane to develop the 210. Early 210 models had four seats with a Continental IO-470 engine of 260 hp. The fuselage and wing were designed in 1961. This gave the Cessna 210 a wider and deeper fuselage, and a third side window was added. To allow for a lower landing speed, the wing planform remained unchanged, but the semi-Fowler flaps were extended outboard, from Wing Station 100 to Wing Station 122. The aileron profile was changed and its chord enlarged to compensate for the reduced aileron span. In 1964 the 210D introduced 2 small child seats and a 285hp engine.

    A cantilever wing replaced the strut-braced wing on the Cessna 210G in 1967. The first six seat model was the 210K in 1970. The 210 was offered in a normally aspirated version, the model 210, as well as the turbocharged T210 and pressurized P210. The 210N model developed in 1979 eliminated the folding doors which previously covered the two retracted main wheels. Some modifications and optional fittings available for the Cessna 210 include different engine installations, speed brakes, wing tip tanks, STOL kits and gear door modifications.

    The aircraft are commonly used in outback Australia for light passenger and cargo charters and aerial survey work. Widely used by flight training schools, air taxi and commercial charter, private operators, and companies the Cessna 210 is a versatile aircraft.

    To view the various models currently available, please check out our Cessna aircraft for sale for descriptions and photos or PLACE A LISTING of your aircraft for sale.