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  • CESSNA 210 SERIES Aircraft For Sale

    Showing 1 - 22 of 22 Results Found within of

    Super Nice and Very fast 1975 Cessna T210L! More Info

    Dan Cranney Insurance

    (801) 319-5117

    Richfield, UT USA

    Exceptional & Speedy 550 Centurion. 1976 210L, AFTT 3974, SMOH 504, McCauley 3-blade, Gammi GTX 530 w/WAAS, GTX 327, KX170B to Mac 1700, PS7000MS, HSI Slav... More Info

    Ken Loyst

    (619) 857-3800

    El Cajon, CA USA

    Professional Pilot's pride and joy. 1978 Turbo Centurion. Custom Metal Panel, King Stack, Full Logs, Arizona hangered for 16 years. Visit More Info

    Brett Tossell

    (480) 225-8130

    Phoenix, AZ USA

    N47TC. 1975 CESSNA 210L Centurion II, 6131 TT; 1178 SMOH; $109,500 Call for Details! More Info

    Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc

    (877) 604-5710

    Arlington, TX USA

    1974 210L Centurion, 4821 TTAF, 683 SMOH, 178 SPOH G430W, STEC 50, JPI EDM 700, ADSB OUT More Info

    Hancock Aviation LLC

    (225) 800-2359

    Baton Rouge, LA USA

    1973 Cessna 210L, TT 3718, SMOH 471, Prop OH 9.0, Mag OH 5.0. New Battery, Sept. Annual, KFS 200 FD/AP, Garmin 430 WAAS, KX 155A, 2 transponders, Many Mods... More Info

    Hickory Lakes Holdings

    (636) 448-6417 Ext. 6364824888

    Augusta, MO USA

    1970 Cessna 210K, 6738TT, 496 SFRM, 496 SPOH, KX-165 Nav/Com, KNS80 DME/RNAV. John Jewell Aircraft “De-turbo” IO-550-L15 300 HP Engine More Info

    Planes Of The South LLC

    (901) 345-8356

    Memphis, TN USA

    Beautiful 1970 210K, TT 5650, TSMOH 760, PSMOH 760. All logs, no damage, gear door mod, Whelen LED landing and taxi lights & etc. More Info

    Bravan Aviation

    (954) 772-2737

    Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

    1967 210G. TT4220, 1100 SFRB - IO-520, 180 SPOH, 3-Blade Hartzell Prop, Horton STOL Kit, Strikefinder, HSI, STEC-40 Autopilot, 406 ELT, GEM-6, Dual ILS, Ap... More Info

    Arthur Wohlers

    (845) 664-4927

    Tucson, AZ USA

    1967 CESSNA 210G Strutless 4-pl. TT 3556, SMOH 471, prop 222, King avcs. Narco AT50A. P&I 8. Lubbock, TX More Info

    David Taylor

    (806) 745-1117

    Lubbock, TX USA


    Robert Terrill

    (843) 796-9548

    Myrtle Beach, SC USA

    VERY CLEAN 1964 Cessna 210D, N10RV, 6045 TT, 1579 SMOH, prop 1579. Exterior: 7, Interior: 8, Leather Seats in 2012, All Logs Since New. More Info

    Albert Borovich

    (850) 871-5419

    Panama City, FL USA

    *** Possibly sold, send questions, or I can add you to my list of Potential buyers. *** 1964 Cessna 210D, 4189TT, 111 SMOH, 19 SPOH. Has Been Stored In ... More Info

    (480) 235-5874

    Chandler, AZ USA

    1963 210C, 3419TT, 915 SMOH, GNS430/Stec50/Uvalde Gear Door Mod/MK12D+/And More. More Info

    Chicago Aviation

    (630) 728-9651

    Chicago, IL USA

    1962 CESSNA 25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION B210, 6048 TTAC, 2267 SMOH, paint & interior 9. Call or email for more information. More Info

    Gaylon Crawford

    (928) 242-9560

    Show Low, AZ USA

    1960 210, N9664T, 5630TT, 1140 SMOH, 102 Since Prop Strike Teardown, 102 SNP, KMA24 Audio Panel w/3LMB, Very Comprehensive & Complete Logs. More Info LLC

    (800) 759-9466

    Placerville, CA USA

    1960 Cessna 210, 3360 TT. 1236 SMOH, Garmin GMA340, GNS430, GTX-327. Century NSD-360 HSI, STEC 50 AP w/Alt. Hold/GPSS, Great Books and looks Good. More Info

    San Diego Aircraft Sales

    (760) 803-3093

    El Cajon, CA USA

    1960 Cessna 210-TT 4345, 453 SMOH,131 SPOH KX155, KX170B, Apollo GPS, AT150 Same owner 35 yrs, Lndg Gear Saddle AMOC. More Info

    Bobby Watson

    (775) 527-1456

    Carson City, NV USA

    1982 T210N 933SMOH. 233 Snew prop CAMERA HOLE copilot floor. More Info

    Dakota Aviation

    (701) 360-0529

    Grafton, ND USA

    Cessna 210 Series Aircraft Information

    First flown in January 1957 and produced by Cessna until 1985, the Cessna 210 Series Centurion is a six-seat, high performance, retractable gear, single engine aircraft. The 210 has the capacity for one crew member and five passengers. The empty weight is 2303 lb (1045kg) and the max takeoff weight is 4000lb (1814 kg). Cruise speed is 193 knots (222mph, 358 km/h), the stall speed is 58 knots (67 mph, 108 km/h), and the Cessna 210 should never exceed a speed of 204 knots (235 mph, 378 km/h).

    Between 1957 and 1985, 9240 Cessna 210s were built. Various models of the 210 include the Cessna Pressurized 210 series, and the Cessna Turbo 210 series. Sub-variants include the following: 210 Centurion, 210A, 210B, 210C, 210D Centurion, 210E Centurion, 210F Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210G Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210H Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210J Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210K Centurion/Turbo Centurion, Cessna 210L Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210M Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210N Centurion/Turbo Centurion, 210R Centurion/Turbo Centurion, P210, P210N Pressurized Centurion, P210R Pressurized Centurion, Cessna T210, T210F, T210G, T210H, T210J, Cessna T210L, T210M, Cessna T210N, T210R and the Riley Turbine P210. The versions produced in the greatest quantity were the 210N, T210N (turbocharged), and P210N (pressurized). The T210R and P210R are the rarest and most expensive variants and were produced only in small quantities from 1985-1986.

    Retractable landing gear, swept tail, and a new wing were added to the 182B Skylane to develop the 210. Early 210 models had four seats with a Continental IO-470 engine of 260 hp. The fuselage and wing were designed in 1961. This gave the Cessna 210 a wider and deeper fuselage, and a third side window was added. To allow for a lower landing speed, the wing planform remained unchanged, but the semi-Fowler flaps were extended outboard, from Wing Station 100 to Wing Station 122. The aileron profile was changed and its chord enlarged to compensate for the reduced aileron span. In 1964 the 210D introduced 2 small child seats and a 285hp engine.

    A cantilever wing replaced the strut-braced wing on the Cessna 210G in 1967. The first six seat model was the 210K in 1970. The 210 was offered in a normally aspirated version, the model 210, as well as the turbocharged T210 and pressurized P210. The 210N model developed in 1979 eliminated the folding doors which previously covered the two retracted main wheels. Some modifications and optional fittings available for the Cessna 210 include different engine installations, speed brakes, wing tip tanks, STOL kits and gear door modifications.

    The aircraft are commonly used in outback Australia for light passenger and cargo charters and aerial survey work. Widely used by flight training schools, air taxi and commercial charter, private operators, and companies the Cessna 210 is a versatile aircraft.

    To view the various models currently available, please check out our Cessna aircraft for sale for descriptions and photos or PLACE A LISTING of your aircraft for sale.