• For Sale
  • 1975
  • N100PP
  • Not Listed
  • Santa Fe, NM USA

88000 $88,000 USD
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  • For Sale
  • 1975
  • N100PP
  • Not Listed
  • Santa Fe, NM USA

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Detailed Description

Fresh annual.  Great paint, all logs, great avionics, gorgeous interior.  Out of circulation for years but put up in a dry hangar with full new cloth covers, it's a beautiful airplane.  It had a gear up due to pilot error but was repaired by Beegle's the best repair shop in the US. No evidence of damage and a very thorough job. 
Engine is near TBO but was IRAN after the gear up so it was gone through about 150 hours ago. Oil sample is clean. 
Fresh very thorough annual by a Commander experienced shop. 
112Turbo's are rare because they are great little planes. 145 KTS on 11-12 gph.  Trailing link gear makes every landing a good one I've gone back to a T210 after years in a 114TC and the difference is huge!

This is an investment grade aircraft: prices have stayed flat while comparable 182RG Cessnas have more than doubled in the last year.  My T 210J went up $25k this quarter and the 112TC is a similar but in many ways better plane. 
No good reason for this price disparity.  I'll argue this with anyone; the engine is same as Partenavia Observer in use by US Fish and Wildlife for many years with many engines flown easily to TBO and beyond.  Do oil samples, watch compressions and the engine should go for many hours.  At this price, with a new engine, you'd still be making money; the bones are great, avionics are excellent w/ AP, WAAS GPS, digital fuel flow and engine monitoring.    If you wanted to ad a pair of AV30's you'd be looking great for years to come.  
145kts at comfortable mid Altitude cruise.   Lean carefully and the engine will give great economy and power.  
Compare to overpriced Cessnas and you'll be amazed at the build, looks and comfort.  Yes it is a Turbo.  Done to Commander factory standards, as part of an Upgrade to TC spec. Fully boosted!

The gear up was a gentle, 'forgot to put the wheels down' event.  Beegles of Broomfield CO put a prop on it and flew it over the Rockies to Denver from Alamosa CO for repair.  
Engine is sound, clean oil sample.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin WAAS 430, STEC 30 AutoPilot, MX1700 Digital #2. ADSB.  Digital Fuel Flow (Hoskins), Insight graphic digital engine monitor, and new Tail Beacon  ADSB. Add a pair of AV 30's for a digital panel.


Paint is a solid 8.  Extensive Annual Sept 2022.  All logs, extensive work at Commander Aircraft over the years. Turbo was installed as upgrade  to full Turbo spec: not just 'normalized'. Gentle gear-up in '04 was repaired by Beegles Colorado. No visible evidence of the damage to the untrained eye. 
Of course it has Trailing link, shock absorbed landing  gear. Compare to Cessna spring only gear.  The difference is dramatic.  Wide gear stance also makes for controlled landings and cross wind handling.  
Full thorough annual underway Oct. 22, to be signed off in Nov,  with ALL AD's completed, new battery, fresh IFR/Pitot Static,  new hoses, ADSB, whatever needs doing will be done.  
We'll be flying this plane often when it's out of annual.  Unless you buy it first.  
This is a very nice plane and will be a great value for future sale or simply to fly and enjoy.
After forty years in aircraft sales, I believe this is the plane most likely to appreciate in this category.

Engines / Mods / Prop

TO-360-C1A6D. Factory Turbo spec.  
Prop is  under 100 hours since new.  Hartzell HC e2YR-1BF
Factory Turbo Charged. Engine is near TBO but was IRAN (Inspect repair as necessary) after gear up in 2004. Inspection was per Lycoming overhaul manual.
Same engine as Partenavia Observer.  No new engines available but plenty of parts.  A reliable LYCOMING engine.  
Prop was new after gear up.  Approx 158 hours.

Interior / Exterior

Excellent paint, interior in brown leather. 
Paint has a few small blemishes but overall very clean with good depth and shine. 
Clean glass. 
The interior is very good looking.  Smooth saddle brown leather.   Headliner is excellent as are side panels. 
See photos.


I can text you videos.  We bought this for fun and to fly.  Winter, Winds, Fire and a few other planes in the shop have delayed this plane getting it's annual.   It flew on a ferry permit from KALS to E98 (Mid Valley ABQ).  It's a great platform.  Fly it as is with ongoing oil analysis and regular compression checks (which you can do yourself by the way) and extend this engines life carefully and safely.  It had a recent tear down and full inspection.  
Shop overhaul is expected to cost around $30k. 
Don't let armchair experts tell you the TO360 Lycoming Turbo engine is no good. No, they don't make it anymore but YES it can be overhauled. Same engine as Partenavia Observer with great reliable service history.
Compare this ship to Cessnas... only reason these are cheaper is an ignorant market! It's a better plane; I've owned five now and would take this over a 182 RG any day.    The Turbo 112 is the equal of the straight 114 at high DA's and  altitude and faster up high.
Park this plane on the ramp and you'll get a lot of compliments.