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All round practical and versatile multi-use four seat airplane.

The DA40 XLT boasts a durable and aerodynamically efficient composite airframe and is powered by the bulletproof IO360 Lycoming engine. With a modern all-composite airframe, proven Lycoming IO360 piston engine and the industry leading Garmin G1000NXi, the DA40 XLT combines a blend of modern airframe and avionics with the venerable Lycoming IO360 - arguably the most reliable AVGAS engine of all time.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) recreates a visual topographic landscape from the G1000 system’s terrain-alerting database, providing situational orientation.
Diamond’s industry-leading safety record is the result of our commitment to protecting you and your passengers with a long list of active and passive safety features.

Active safety features help to avoid accidents in the first place, the first and most important line of defense. Passive safety features are designed to minimize the probability and degree of injury, just in case the unexpected happens.

The DA40 offers the ultimate in handling, stability and control, ease of operation plus structural and system redundancies, all coupled with a high degree of crashworthiness.

State-of-the-art glass cockpit.

The DA40 fully integrated G1000 NXi flight deck, incorporating the latest features with optional ultra-precise GFC700 Automatic Flight Control System, offers superior situational awareness, convenience and safety. Available equipment provides Traffic Advisories, Synthetic Vision Technology, Satellite WX and Entertainment, and more.


Sun glare protection.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Bulletproof IO360 Lycoming engine.

For your DA40 you can choose between the 168 hp turbocharged AE300 jet fuel engine (For more information our sister company Austro Engines please click here)  or a Lycoming IO360M1A AVGAS engine (DA40 XLT version).

The 3 blade MT hydraulic constant speed propeller features advanced blade geometry for efficient performance, low vibration and noise. It is automatically controlled by the engine’s digital engine control through a conventional hydraulic governor.

The Lycoming IO360 delivers smooth and refined performance, has amassed millions of flight hours in high utilization operations worldwide, is familiar to A&P’s everywhere and consistently reaches TBO and beyond.

Interior / Exterior

Designed for pilot's satisfaction
The DA40 NG comes standard with a choice of stylish and hard-wearing interior materials.

For luxurious comfort and style, available features include premium leather interiors in several designs and colors, adjustable pilot seatbacks and lumbar support, electrically adjustable rudder pedals, electric air conditioning, and much more.


The first hourly cost maintenance program for piston aircraft
We are thrilled to be the first piston aircraft and engine manufacturers to offer a program that jet owners have enjoyed for years. Now with PistonPower™ our owners and operators can benefit from cost predictability and substantial peace of mind.

"I chose the Piston Power program for my 2019 DA40 NG because it enabled me to build a fixed maintenance expense into my shared use business model.  My plane is shared with three other pilots, who pay me a monthly rate for airplane access up to 100 hours/year each.  The fixed maintenance cost is built into this rate.  The other pilots know I have no incentive to "skimp" on maintenance, delay it due to cash flow considerations, or surprise them with some kind of 'maintenance assessment'.  Everything is built-in.  As a first-time owner of a TAA, I also found value in Piston Power's expertise in overseeing the entire maintenance process, from spinner to rudder.  I appreciate having their experience working for me.  Their collaboration with Diamond Aircraft to tailor the program specifically for the DA40 NG and it's Austro 300 Jet-A engine gives me added confidence that my plane will be well maintained for safety, reliability, and performance.  The four of us can focus on flying, enjoying the airplane and the personal opportunities it provides us." ~ Paul Koch ~

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