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  • 1946
  • N/A
  • 09103
  • Pinehurst, NC USA

100000 $100,000 USD
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  • For Sale
  • 1946
  • N/A
  • 09103
  • Pinehurst, NC USA


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I'm considering selling my 1946 XBT2D-1 Prototype Douglas Skyraider. One of Twenty-Five built, and the only one in the world which could be made airworthy. 

Make no mistake this is a complete project, and the main and virtually only corrosion is located in the wing spars. This XBT2D-1 Skyraider was once part of the Walter Soplata collection. I have copies of the Aircraft cards from the Naval Historical Society, and they indicate that the aircraft was only assigned to test and Evaluation Units, and when it was stricken from the books it had a TT of 342 hours on the airframe and engine. (Doesn't mean anything now) 

I have gathered a massive amount of parts by purchasing inventories from multiple museums and individuals. This is not a fire sale, and if it does not sale then I will take on the project. I just have too many on going projects that are taking my resources. 

The following is included with the sale:

One set of outer wings that need some skin repair.
One set of outer wings that were refurbished by the French.
Five additional wings that could be used to make Two wings.
Two Horizontal Stabilizers, one original to the plane, and a second one the was refurbished by the French.
One Rudder in the crate refurbished by the French. 
Two sets of Ailerons refurbished by the French.
Two sets of Flaps that need minor repairs.
Two sets of Elevators that need minor repairs. 
One nose bowl refurbished by the French.
Complete cowlings.
Multiple wing tips, several are in the crate refurbished by the French.
Two sets of AD-1 early style landing gear, and one set of AD-3 and newer landing gear (appears to be rebuilt).
One set of Aeroproducts propeller blades.
Two hub/governor assemblies.
Two Wright R-3350-24's (one is front the aircraft)
Two Wright R-3350-26w's (later model Skyraider engine).
Two wheels and tires (tires are for ground use only).
NOS carburetors, generator, starter.
Two (2) NOS R-3350 Crankshafts in the original containers, and still covered in cosmoline.
One AD-4 Canopy (frame can be used as a partial frame for the correct Canopy)
One gunsight.
Two correct drop tanks.
Two large center section (like new) hardpoints,
Multiple outer wing hardpoints.
Some additional spares. I may have messed a few parts, but believe that I have every item for the aircraft minus the original style canopy, cockpit instruments, and fuel bladder. 

Also available is a massive collection of spares, but that would be at an additional cost. 

Please, serious inquiries only. I do not have time to waste with tire kickers or picture collectors. 

I am asking $100,000.00 for the project, and will consider a trade or partial trade for a flying aircraft, or 1960's to early 70's muscle car.